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Kids headed off to camp this summer? This adorable summer camp stationery for kids is the perfect way to ensure they write home!

My youngest daughter just got back from a young writers summer camp last week. And during the week she was away, we had the ability to chat with her whenever, because, of course…cell phone!

It was her first time away from home without a family member of some sort. So, it was great to be able to talk to her…to hear about all the fun stuff she was doing and to be able to say goodnight each night.

But, it really got me thinking about the past…

She’s 15 now…almost 16 and both my kids have been going to summer camp, on and off, since they were about six years old. When they were small, most summers they went to a local day camp.

Which was easy for me and fun for them. Plus, it got them out of the house for a couple of weeks every summer, without having to go far away.

But, when my oldest daughter was about 11, she went to sleep away camp for the first time.

I almost had a nervous breakdown. It was so hard to be away from her!
And this was way before she had a cell phone!

So, basically there was no voice contact for an entire week. Talk about difficult!

But, the letter she sent was adorable and you could hear the excitement in her writing when she told us of all the things she was doing.

Of course, we barely got the letter in the mail and it was time to go and pick her up. But, still.

There’s a special sense of nostalgia in receiving a note from your child while she is away at summer camp.

It’s an old-fashioned feeling of anticipation…waiting anxiously for the letter to come…that you just don’t get with a cell phone conversation.

And that letter, will be a special find someday…when we’re all old and gray.

So, if your kids are headed off for a week or more this summer, consider picking up some summer camp stationery so they can send you a good, old-fashioned letter that you can hoard away to find someday. Like me. 

Summer Camp Stationery from VLHamlinDesign

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Summer Camp Stationery for Kids + 25% Off! | Food Life Design

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