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  • School Lunch Ideas for the Whole Week

    School Lunch Ideas for the Whole Week

    Need some school lunch ideas for your kiddos? Check out this post – it’s packed full of ideas for the whole week! It’s that time of year again, you guys! There’s only a few weeks left of summer vacation and it’s time to start planning for the school year…not to mention school lunch ideas! Are …

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Vanessa Hamlin



Vanessa Hamlin is the owner and founder of Food Life Design. With her passion for frugal living and homesteading, Vanessa loves to share easy recipes, money making ideas, gardening and food preservation tips, home remedies and everything else that a good old-fashioned life entails!

Kayden Hamlin | Author at Food Life Design



Kayden Hamlin is a full-time preschool teacher and graduate student. She is passionate about sharing saving money tips, self-care and mindfulness ideas, and child development activities! When not in a classroom, you’ll most likely find her reading with a cup of tea in hand or knitting projects for her family and friends.

Olivia Whalen | Author at Food Life Design



Olivia Whalen is mama to three young girls who is devoted to creative learning, exploration and free range imagination. Olivia enjoys thinking outside the box when it comes to homemade baby food or family meals. She enjoys sharing creative kid crafts, budget friendly recipes and beginner homesteader fun!

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  • Sweet Corn Cakes: Just 2 Ingredients!

    Need a quick, easy breakfast or a delicious bread to go with your dinner? Try these amazing Sweet Corn Cakes – they’re perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Sweet Corn Cakes are a “healthier” take on Corn Fritters – which I dearly love – but they are so much better for you when they aren’t …

  • DIY Chalkboard Notebook

    Make your own DIY Chalkboard Notebook so you can change your mind whenever you want to! How many times have you had an idea for something, so you write a title down on the cover of a brand new notebook…planning to use that notebook ONLY for your idea(s). You jot down a few ideas, then …

  • Homemade Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes

    How many of those plastic ice packs do you buy in a school year? Only to have them crack, break or just drip all over your kids lunch? *UPDATED POST – While my kiddos are fully grown and making their own lunches these days, I thought many of you might enjoy learning how to make …

  • 4 Ingredient Creamy Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

    This 4 ingredient creamy chicken Caesar pasta salad is a delicious change up from your normal summer cold pasta dish. It doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, prep or time to make and it’s pretty light and refreshing considering!  Pasta salad is a great side summer dish but this one includes protein so it can …

  • Make Your Own Reusable Sandwich Bags

    Are you sick of wasting your money on expensive zipper bags only to have them thrown into the garbage in just a few short hours? *UPDATED POST – While my kiddos are fully grown and making their own lunches these days, I thought many of you might enjoy learning how to make your own reusable …


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