10 Best Summer Dinner Recipes To Save Time and Money

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Need some cheap and easy recipes to make on these hot, summer days? Here’s my 10 best summer dinner recipes to help save you time and money!

Summer is finally here in our neck of the woods! We had the most gorgeous weather on Saturday to celebrate my daughter’s graduation with a backyard BBQ party and we got to enjoy some of my best summer dinner recipes.

Graduation Cake

And cake, of course!

The temperature was a comfortable 78 degrees with low humidity and the sun shined all afternoon. It was so nice for everyone to hang out in the backyard. The perfect day, really.

And since it’s been so beautiful here in Vermont, I’m sure the rest of you out there (especially down south!) are ready to be outside, cooking on the grill or at least making quick and easy recipes in the kitchen.

Am I right?

So, I thought it would be a great time to make a round up of some of some of my best summer dinner recipes for you.

Not all of these recipes require being outside at the grill, but they’re all quick and easy to make and they require few ingredients. So, even if you don’t want to cook outside, you’ll still have time to get out there and enjoy your evenings instead of being stuck in the kitchen!

10 Best Summer Dinner Recipes

Sweet and Spicy Barbecue Beans Recipe | Food Life DesignSweet & Spicy Barbecue Beans

These Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Beans top the list because they are by far, one of my most popular summer dinner recipes. They take just 5 minutes to prepare and require only 4 ingredients and a few spices. Plus, everyone loves baked beans at a barbecue, right?!

Loaded Baked Potato Salad Recipe | Food Life DesignLoaded Baked Potato Salad

Fill up on this Loaded Baked Potato Salad as a whole meal or use it as a side dish for your favorite steak, chicken or pork on the grill. Follow the recipe as it’s written or you can personalize the recipe and add your favorite baked potato toppings!

Grilled Garlic Butter Potatoes | Food Life DesignGrilled Garlic Butter Potatoes

It doesn’t get any easier (or cheaper!) than these Grilled Garlic Butter Potatoes! They are the perfect accompaniment to ANY meat you cook on the grill and they only require potatoes, butter and a few spices to make a whole batch. Seriously! Serve them beside a Bacon Wrapped London Broil Steak (*see below), BBQ chicken or even a pulled pork sandwich!

Quick and Easy Goulash Recipe | Food Life DesignQuick & Easy Homemade Goulash

This Quick & Easy Goulash is perfect for a rainy or cool summer night! In less than an hour, using easy to find ingredients, you’ll have a nice, hearty dinner ready for the whole family!

Pizza Burger Puffs | Food Life DesignPizza Burger Puffs

Surprise the kids this weekend with super-fluffy Pizza Burger Puffs! You can even add their favorite toppings. Otherwise, you’ll need just 4 ingredients and they’re ready in 30 minutes!

Whiskey Cheddar Hamburgers | Food Life DesignWhiskey Cheddar Burgers

Whiskey Cheddar Burgers are a grown-up twist on a simple pan-fried cheeseburger. But, make no mistake – these delicious burgers are loved by adults and kids alike (of course the alcohol cooks out!). And they’re great to serve on a rainy, summer evening when you can’t get to your grill!

Cheesy Chicken Pizza Burgers | Food Life DesignCheesy Chicken Pizza Burgers

Requiring just 4 simple ingredients (that you probably already have!), these Cheesy Chicken Pizza Burgers are delicious, easy and super cheap to make for a crowd! Keep these in mind for those summer sleepovers and pool parties with all the kid’s friends.

Flatbread Pizza with Spicy Bacon and Garlic Recipe | Food Life DesignFlatbread Pizza with Spicy Bacon and Garlic

This yummy Flatbread Pizza with Spicy Bacon and Garlic is super easy to make and it only requires a few simple ingredients. Plus it’s ready to eat in less than an hour! Perfect for dinner on a busy week day or even lunch on a lazy Sunday.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets | Food Life DesignHomemade Chicken Nuggets

Got kids? Make these Homemade Chicken Nuggets to keep in the freezer and you’ll never hear “There’s nothing to eat here” again!

Bacon Wrapped London Broil Recipe | Food Life DesignBacon Wrapped London Broil

Last, but certainly not least, is this Bacon Wrapped London Broil that will blow your socks off! The meat stays so nice and tender that it just melts in your mouth. Plus, you can cook it on an indoor grill or outdoor charcoal grill – your choice! Perfect for serving at your next BBQ!


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10 Best Summer Dinner Recipes To Save You Time and Money | Food Life Design

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