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10 DIY Gifts for Mom That She’ll Actually Use!

Is your Mom the hardest person to buy a gift for on Christmas or her Birthday? Stop stressing! Here’s 10 DIY gifts for Mom that she’ll actually want to use!

Moms love homemade gifts. It doesn’t matter what it is.

From macaroni necklaces to paper mache creatures, we love the fact that our babies (no matter how old!) took the time to make us these special gifts.

And it’s extra special when they come up with DIY gifts for mom that can actually be used everyday!

So, today I’ve put together a list for you of DIY gifts for mom that she’ll actually use.

And yes, I’m totally guilty of choosing things that I know I would love to receive from my girls.

But, that’s what makes this list so special!

As a mom myself, I really do love those special gifts that my girls made when they were little.

I treasure them and honestly, blubber like a baby, every single time I come across one of them.

But, most of them sit in a box or are put away somewhere so they don’t get damaged.

So, I don’t see them often.

Today, they give me more useful gifts, even DIY gifts.

And I love that, simply because I can use them and look at them everyday.

So, during this holiday season, consider the gifts you are making for your mom. Choose wisely and she will enjoy the gift for years to come!

10 DIY Gifts for Mom That She’ll Actually Use!

Wooden Recipe Box

If you have any woodworking skills, this gorgeous Wooden recipe box from Wood Grain Cottage is the perfect gift for your Mom!

Head over to their website to get the tutorial.



Image via Simple Stylings

DIY Recipe Box

If you are not inclined to fire up a saw, then consider picking up a prebuilt recipe box on Amazon or your local craft store and decorate it yourself, like Summer from Simple Stylings did with hers!

Check out her tutorial here.


DIY Fingerprint Necklace | Sarah Ortega

Image via Sarah Ortega

DIY Fingerprint Necklace

Personally, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but if one of my kids gave me this gorgeous fingerprint necklace, I would probably never take it off!

Head on over to Sarah Ortega’s blog to find out how to make your own!


DIY Color Coded Cutting Boards

How gorgeous are these color coded cutting boards from Dream a Little Bigger? I would love to have these in my kitchen and you can make them match your Mom’s kitchen, too!

Just pick up a few bamboo cutting boards and a wood-burning kit from Amazon and you can make your own set of these beautiful cutting boards for less than $25.00!


Homemade Heating Pad

Image via DIY Natural

Homemade Heating Pad

I actually have several of these lying around my house, but since I’ve never written a tutorial on how to make one, I’m directing you to this super simple tutorial from DIY Natural.

Also, feel free to use any essential oil your Mom likes! It doesn’t have to be lavender.

But, whatever the scent is, they are so nice to heat up when you have a sore muscle, migraine or even just to warm you up on a chilly night!



Image via By Claudya

DIY Tin Can Utensil Holder

I actually have one of these on my own counter, but it’s not as pretty. Mine is the simple silver of the can with brown twine tied around it. But, it’s getting old and it’s grubby, so, instead, I’m sharing this one from By Claudya, because it’s so stinking cute!

Any Mom that spends time in the kitchen (ie. all moms!), would love to have extra space to store utensils!

And all you need to make one is a tin can, paint and some fancy washi tape! It doesn’t get any easier!


Chunky Crocheted Blanket

While I love to crochet, I never make blankets because they take too long and I like instant gratification crafts. So, I know I’d love it if one my kids took the time to make one of these for me.

And this super chunky blanket from Rescued Paw Designs looks so warm and cozy for a cold, winter night!

Mom deserves to relax and cuddle up with a warm blanket and a nice hot cup of Tension Tamer tea!


Braided Rug

My great-grandmother used to make these and my mother made them when I was a kid, too. I’ve always wanted to make one myself and I’ve saved a TON of scrap clothes and materials over the years to do it, too.

I haven’t gotten around to it, yet. But, I know I’d love to have a couple in my kitchen and I’ll bet your Mom would, too!

Here’s a simple tutorial from A Beautiful Mess, so you can make your own!


Reusable Tea Bags

I love tea, especially in the winter! And this year, I dried a whole bunch of herbs from my garden for making my own tea mixes.

I have one of these cute little tea infusion pots, but if your mom doesn’t have one, why not make her some reusable tea bags and get her a bunch of loose leaf tea in her favorite flavors?

Little House Living has a great tutorial here on how to make your own tea bags.


Homemade Chocolate Powdered Coffee Creamer

Coffee Creamer Set

Does your mom prefer coffee over tea? Make her a customized set of coffee creamer featuring her favorite flavors! Just mix up a few different types of powdered coffee creamers and pour each into it’s own fancy jar to create a gift set that she can use throughout the year.

Try my Homemade Chocolate Powdered Coffee Creamer or try this Vanilla Coffee creamer from An Edible Mosaic. You could also use these as a base for other flavors…

Try adding cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice to the vanilla or blend up a few candy canes and throw those into my Chocolate to make Peppermint Mocha!

That’s it for today’s DIY Gifts for Mom. I hope you found the perfect homemade gift to make for your mom! Find more gift guides here.

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