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10 Things to Draw on Birthday Cards

Are you struggling to come up with things to draw on birthday cards for your friends and family? Or even your own greeting card business? Look no further! This post contains 10 ideas for birthday cards that will keep you busy for hours…

Long before starting my design business, I loved creating homemade cards for family and friends. I think it adds a more personal touch to any gift when its started with a handmade card. While, I’ve made hundreds of cards over the years, with a family as close as mine, it isn’t easy to come up with things to draw on birthday cards, holiday cards or even a just because card.

Mostly, because they’ve already seen the design on a card for someone else!

But, I know you love variety. I certainly do!

So, I came up with this list of ideas of things to draw on birthday cards to help myself save time when I’m drawing.

It’s a lot easier to put together a few quick sketches when you have an idea ahead of time!

But, in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share this list with those of you that enjoy making your own homemade birthday cards for your family and friends, too.

I hope this list inspires you to create handmade birthday cards for all of your loved ones…

10 Things to Draw on Birthday Cards

  1. Cake
  2. Cupcakes
  3. Balloons
  4. Party hats
  5. Gifts/packages
  6. Age/numbers
  7. Cute animals
  8. Words
  9. Simple shapes
  10. Money

Just thing of the hundreds of things to draw, on birthday cards, just from this simple list!

Giraffes, elephants, pigs, cows, deer, snails all come to mind right of the bat when I see #7.

You could draw chocolate cake, vanilla cake, chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, German chocolate cake, cheesecake…

You get the picture!

But, seriously, look over the list, {if you’re anything like me} as you read each simple item, you’re brain will start moving and the ideas will start floating into the air like magic!

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Have Fun Drawing!