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10+ Ways To Make Extra Money This Summer

Searching for ways to make extra money this summer? Stop searching – here’s 10+ ways you can start making some more cash today!

Summer is the best time of year to make a little extra cash. Especially, if you’re handy! Whether you like to draw, crochet, cook or spend time in the great outdoors, there are tons of ways to make extra money this summer.

But, what if I’m not handy?

No worries – there’s ways for you to make extra money, too! And they’re not hard. Time consuming, perhaps. But, not hard.

What if I’m a kid?

That’s okay, too! You don’t need a high school diploma or a college degree to do any of the things on this list and for some you don’t even have to leave your house!

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How awesome is that?!

(Introverts unite!)

I know, pretty awesome!

But, for those of you that want to be out there and get a little socialization while you’re earning some extra money, there’s a way here for you, too.

And despite the fact that I titled this article with “this summer”, you can do a lot of these odd jobs throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be summer time…unless of course, it has to be summer time. Ya know?

Anyway, let’s have a look at these ideas, shall we?

10+ Ways To Make Extra Money This Summer

Teach Art Classes!

Art Classes

Are you an artist? Consider teaching classes at your local community center.

Whether you draw, paint, sculpt or work with wood, there is someone out there who is interested in learning your craft.

I guarantee it.

Create a lesson plan based on your favorite technique and offer classes to children or adults in your community this summer.



Love spending time with the kiddos? Offer a random babysitting schedule throughout your neighborhood.

Even other stay at home moms and dads need a break every now and again! And not everyone has a trustworthy babysitter available. So…

Neighbors want to go out to dinner on Friday and need someone to watch the kids? That’s $50 in your pocket!

Sally down the street needs to go grocery shopping and doesn’t want to drag along the triplets…another $50 in your pocket!

Take it a step further and offer daytime child care and make full time pay all summer!

Be sure to check into your local laws and regulations, on providing child care, before making yourself available to the community.



Don’t mind spending hours in the kitchen? Even on sweltering hot days?

Start up a little side business selling baked goods, like cakes and cookies. Or you could even prepare take-out dinner meals for your neighbors and friends.

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I know I wouldn’t mind getting some homemade dinner for take-out on a hot evening!

Craft Shows

Craft Shows

Are you crafty? Why not sell your wares at the local craft shows throughout the summer?

Whether you live near a big city or you’re huddled up high in the mountains, there are sure to be an abundance of craft shows in your area during the summer.

And craft shows are one of the best ways to make extra money in the summer! Plus, you can sell any craft you like to make!

Crocheter/Knitter? Sell doll clothes, bathing suits, beach toys, towels and household decor. Consider adding in a few winter items, like scarves, hats and mittens, in the late summer.

Soap Maker? Sell floral and fruity scents throughout the season. Consider adding a cooling soap, like something with peppermint and/or aloe, to help chill the inevitable sunburns.

Woodworker? Sell outdoor furniture, games and decor. Consider offering a few smaller items, perhaps featuring a local landmark or your state shape, to entice the tourists and vacationers.

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There’s always an abundance of tourists and people traveling through any given area, so be sure to put out your best stuff.



Do you enjoy decluttering and organizing? Offer it as a service to your friends, family and neighbors.

Everyone has a drawer, room or even a barn that’s packed full of junk they just can’t seem to get rid of on their own. So, help them out by offering to do it for a small fee.

And if you get super lucky, you can double dip on the profits here!

Instead of taking all the “junk” to the recycling center or transfer station, consider listing it for sale on eBay or Craigslist to make even more extra cash!

Farmers Market

Farmers Markets

How does your garden grow? In abundance?

Why not sell some of your fresh produce at your local farmers market? They’re generally just one day a week and if you produce a great garden, then why not share the love?

Check your local and state regulations before selling agricultural goods.



Do you make the best ever Fried Pickles? Fried Ice Cream? Or Hot Dogs on a Stick?

Set up a food truck at the county fair! You could, potentially, earn a TON of extra money this summer by selling your favorite recipe for just a few days.

No good at cooking?

That’s okay – sell your craft, t-shirts, blankets or even jewelry instead.



Love to garden, but prefer to stay out of the limelight? Offer your services as a gardener instead.

Many people are simply too busy to create a garden at their home, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to have one. Help them out, by offering to build and maintain it throughout the season.

Mowing Lawns

Mowing Lawns

Do you enjoy mowing your lawn? Set the price right – offer a one time deal, weekly or monthly billing and you’ll have customers ringing your phone off the hook. 

Like gardening, people want to have a beautiful yard, but they just don’t have time for the maintenance. That’s where you come in!

But, don’t forget – you need a weed whacker, too!

Host the Best Yard Sale in the Neighborhood 2Yard Sales

When all else fails, host a yard sale. Sell just your own “junk” or host a community wide sale and create a mini-mall of yard goodies throughout your neighborhood.

Build it and they will come…money in hand!

Instead of selling your own stuff, you could also head to the thrift stores and other yard sales to score the best deals, then mark up the price and resell it at your own!

That’s it for today – I hope reading through these 10 Ways to Make Extra Money This Summer has sparked some inspiration for you! If not…

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