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21+ Things To Make and Sell From Home So You Can Quit Your Day Job

Sick of the day to day drag? Need to make some extra money? Here’s a list of things to make and sell from home so you can quit your day job and get more out of your life!

Isn’t the Internet awesome?

Since its debut to the world, it has given us so many opportunities we didn’t have before and it has certainly made the world a much “smaller place”.

The World Wide Web has provided more and more people with the opportunity to work from home and has offered countless women the option of being home with their children to watch them grow and still make an income.

The number of things to make and sell from home using the internet is infinite.

If you can dream and make it, then you can sell it to someone…somewhere in the world.

You know the old saying “You could sell ice to an Eskimo”? It’s truepeople all over the world are actually buying ice on the internet!

So, if you’ve been sitting around trying to think of things to make and sell from home, this post is for you!

No matter what your craft or skill level, there is something you can do to make money at home.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of things to make and sell from home so you can quit your day job and finally start doing something you love…

Good Luck!

Things To Make and Sell From Home So You Can Quit Your Day Job

How to Start a Cake Business from Home


Do you enjoy baking and decorating cakes? Learn How to Start a Cake Business From Home and then open up an Etsy shop or start your own website and sell your cakes online!

Check out these delicious looking cakes and treats from Lady Sweet Cakes on Etsy!

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How to Make Money as a Meal Planner - Food Life Design

Create Meal Plans

People are busy and they don’t always have time to come up with easy dinner menus for themselves. Offer them the gift of time with custom made menu plans or design blank menu planners and sell them as printables on Etsy.

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How to Make Money Teaching WITHOUT Getting a Job! | Food Life Design


There are so many options available for teachers on the Internet! And, no, you don’t need a teaching license. The only requirements are knowledge, persistence and a subject that people want to learn about.

Learn How to Make Money Teaching Without Getting a Job

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How to Make Money as a Graphic Designer - 1

Graphic Design

The Internet is made up of graphic design. Why not steal a piece of that pie? If you’re good at web design, offer to design websites from the ground up for your customers.

Not so good at web design? No Worries! You can make stationery, design t-shirts, art prints, duvet covers, the list goes on and on!

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Okay, so writing might not seem like “things to make and sell from home”, but it is…

Hear me out! Yes, your words are not a tangible thing, however, you can easily create e-books and articles, blog posts and even your own magazine if you wanted to get really serious! Then, you can sell your finished products on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CreateSpace….again, the list goes on and on!

Just type “sell e-books” into google, you’ll be shocked at how many options there are online!

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Design & Sell T-Shirts

There are a zillion websites on the internet that offer you the ability to design and sell t-shirts. From Amazon Merch to Society 6 to Zazzle, you can really make a lot of money if you offer popular designs that people want to buy.

Learn more from The Work At Home Woman

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A Photographer (61000484)

Sell Photos

Do you like taking pictures? Get them printed professionally and offer your photographs of landscapes, wildlife, etc. for sale!

Here’s 37 ways to do it from The Work At Home Woman.

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Looking for a few new favorite homemade soap recipes? Learn how to make homemade soap with these 33 super recipes! Detergent, bar soap, body wash and more!


People go crazy for homemade soap! Back in early 2000s, before I started designing stationery, I sold homemade soap at local craft shows and I loved it!

Making soap is not only a really fun craft, but you can make them to satisfy a ton of different skin needs and there is a HUGE market for specialized soaps on Etsy.

Check out this post from 6 Dollar Family on How to Make Homemade Soap + 33 Recipes!

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Diy, Candles, Diy Candles, Diy, Candles Tutorial, Cute Candles, Easy Candles, Easy Diy Candles, Diy Crafts, Craft Ideas, Diy Candle Crafts


Just like with the soap, people get all sorts of gaga over fun candles and there are so many things you can do with them! From a standard jar candle to making hand-sculpted pillar candles, the possibilities are endless!

Head over to Crafts on Fire to see recipes for 20 Unique and Easy DIY Candles that Anyone Can Make, then check out some of these awesome candles people are selling on Etsy

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Get started with this all in one kit from Amazon!


Homemade Dog Biscuits, learn howto make them here:

Homemade Dog Biscuits

Or Food…Toys…Photographs…Or even freakin’ birthday cakes, can you believe that?! People are all sorts of crazy about their pets and they are willing to pay big bucks for homemade things for Fido!

Check out this Easy 2-Ingredient Dog Treats recipe to get started…

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Coffee Mug

Coffee Mugs

Especially those with motivational sayings, quotes or phrases on them! You can design and sell coffee mugs on a ton of different websites, without ever touching a single piece of inventory, too!

Check out the options on Zazzle, Society6, Printify or Printful…

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Pallet Crafts

There are TONS of things you can make/build using pallets and the best part is, you can usually get them free!

Head over to and check out all the awesome suggestions!

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Seasonal Mason Jar Crafts to Sell at Craft Fairs & Flea Markets

Decorative Mason Jars

Love Mason Jars? Why not make and sell decorative jars for different seasons, as suggested by What Mommy Makes? People love using jars for storage around the house, so consider different home decor styles and colors, too!

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The Holidays are up on us! Here are 18 gorgeous and unique DIY Christmas Ornaments To Make and Sell This Christmas. #DIYChristmasOrnaments #DIYChristmasOrnamentsideas #DIYChristmasOrnamentsToSell #DIYChristmasOrnamentsToSellTutorials

Christmas Ornaments

I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this one before, but holy cow – you could make a killing from handmade ornaments at Christmas time! In fact, I’ll bet you could make them for every holiday throughout the year and sell those, too!

Check out the 18 DIY Christmas Ornaments suggested from This Tiny Blue House.

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10 Easy Crochet Basket Patterns from Etsy That You Can Make & Sell #craftstoselll #diycraftstosell #craftstomakeandsell #craftstomakeandesellideas #makeandsell #christmascraftsforgiftsforadults #diysoaps #diygifts #craftpresents #diyprojectstosell #coolpresents #easygiftstomake #easycraftstomakeandsell #handmadegifts #handmadecraftstosell #diygiftstosell

Crochet Baskets

Love to crochet? Check out these 10 Easy Crochet Basket Patterns from The Mummy Front. Not only could you sell this gorgeous baskets, but you could sell other crochet projects, too!

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These 8 easy sewing projects you can make and sell are THE BEST! I'm so glad I…

Sewing Projects

If you love to sew, you can make and sell ANY of your favorite sewing projects. Check out these 8 Easy and Lazy Sewing Projects from Chasing Foxes.

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Oh yes, my old friends – scrunchies have made their way back on the market and they are currently HOT! So, head out to the craft store and pick up some elastic and fabric to start making and selling these today! 

Get a free tutorial from Orange Bettie for these adorable Knot Bow Scrunchies here.

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Love jewelry? Why not make and sell your own? You could start your own website, Etsy shop or even sell your dazzling jewels at local craft shows and markets! Here’s a TON of free tutorials from Jewelry Making Journal to help you get started.

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Pet Accessories

Remember above where I suggested that people will spend big bucks on dog treats? The same goes for collars, leashes, bowls, etc. People LOVE to spend money on their little fur babies, so get in on some of that action and start making your own pet accessories, like these adorable No Sew Flannel Bandanas from Angela Marie Made!

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Totes and Bags

Everyone needs totes and bags! With more and more towns and states banning the use of plastic bags, we’ll soon be needing even more of them. So, why not start making and selling your own line of them? You can sell them on eBay, Etsy or even at local craft shows and markets. Check out this super easy Eco-Friendly Tote Bag tutorial from DIY Tutorial Ideas to get started.

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Free Printable Halloween Wall Art - Download Here!

Wall Decor

Are you good at doodling? Or do you enjoy hand-lettering? Maybe you like to paint? Create your own line of decorative wall art and sell it on Zazzle, Etsy, Society6 or even Amazon Handmade! Here’s a great article from Nevue Fine Art Marketing with lots of tips and tricks to get started!

Wooden Signs

You’ve seen them everywhere for the past few years, but guess what? Wooden signs are here to stay for awhile. Everyone loves them and honestly, why wouldn’t they? You can make a wooden sign for any occasion, any decor, any room in any house. And you can get started for just a few pieces of scrap wood and some paint! Read How to Make Wooden Signs that Sell from Make Cents Woodworking to get started.

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As you can see the possibilities of things to make on sell from home are literally endless! While I’ve included just a few here, there are so many more options out there!

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20+ Things to Make and Sell From Home - Food Life Design


Have a Spectacular Day!


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