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12 Easy DIY Gifts for Girls: She Will Love These!

Need some homemade gift ideas for the girl in your life? Here’s 12 easy DIY gifts for girls that she will absolutely love!

Having been blessed with 2 daughters of my own, I have searched high and low over the years for easy DIY gifts for girls.

And I’ve come across quite a few that have been successful – as in they love them and still use them today! Win for Mama!

Of course, there have been a few that have been cast aside for bigger and better gifts over the years. But, I’ll take what I can get.

Handmade Gifts For The Win!

As I mentioned the other day, I love the idea of an old-fashioned Christmas filled with handmade gifts. While I never follow through on the whole of the idea, I always try to make at least 1 homemade gift for everyone in the family.

My parents, grandparents and my great-uncle all get a gift box filled with homemade cookies, holiday baked goods and home-canned treats from the summer (jelly, pickles, etc.).

But, for the girls, I try to come up with unique gifts that will not only be useful, but will be meaningful as well.

One year, I made my oldest daughter a bedside rug out of her old funky colored jeans from middle school. She loved it and still uses it today.

I made a blanket for my youngest daughter our of Care Bear fabric for her second Christmas and then, embroidered her name in it (poorly, I might add!). She carried that blanket around for 10 years and then kept it in her bed for another 2 years after that.

Handmade Matters!

Handmade gifts mean something, my friends.

They’re so much better than commercialized plastic! Not only because they are better for the world, but because the care and attention that goes into a homemade gift matters to the recipient.

No matter how young or old!

So, take some time this year and throw together a few handmade gifts. It doesn’t have to be hard and time consuming!

There are TONS of gift ideas out there that take just minutes to make. Don’t make it more difficult than it has to be!

Today, let’s get started with your girls! When researching for this post, I tried to include a mix of super easy and a little more difficult DIY gifts for girls, because I really want to spread the message of homemade gifts, so I want everyone to be able to make something.

Even if you don’t feel capable of making the most difficult project, you can definitely make the easiest…I know you can!

Even if you think you are not crafty…I want you try at least one of these projects! You can do it!

You Got This!

Believe me, your girls will thank you!

DIY Gifts For Little Girls


DIY Dress Up Station

This adorable idea from Keeping It Simple Crafts is the creme de le creme when it comes to satisfying a little girls wanderlust! Within seconds she can become the princess of any land she desires! Super Easy!!


4 Disney Princess Dresses ONE Pattern at

Image via U Create Crafts

DIY Princess Peasant Dresses

While she’s in her royal land, she’ll need a few dresses to wear for different occasions! Thankfully, U Create Crafts has you covered with this super simple pattern to make 4 different dresses! Slightly difficult!!


DIY Princess Bags

Image via A Girl and a Glue Gun

Princess Bags

If she can’t be a princess in her own land, she can at least feel like one with one of these adorable princess bags from A Girl and a Glue Gun. FYI – These super cute bags are made from a dollar store tote bag and a whole lotta hot glue. Super Easy!!


Wee Princess Pea Playset

Image via mmmcrafts

Wee Princess Pea Playset

If she can’t travel to a foreign land and be the princess, your little girl can certainly create her own fairyland with this adorable Wee Princess Pea Playset! Just pick up the easy pattern from mmmcrafts on Etsy and put it together yourself! Slightly difficult!!


DIY Gifts for Tween Girls


DIY Kool Aid Lip Gloss

What tween girl wouldn’t love to have her favorite kool aid flavors in the form of lip gloss? How cool is that?! And it’s soooo easy to make, too! Just follow the simple instructions from Adventures in All Things Food and you’ll have a whole bunch made in like 10 seconds! Super Super Easy!!



Glitter Heart Pillow

Tween girls love to decorate their rooms. It’s her way of screaming out her new found style! Help her out with a gorgeous pillow like this DIY Glitter Heart Pillow from High on DIY! It’s super easy to make and you could easily create any sort of pattern you like – it doesn’t have to be a heart! If she’s into guitars….create a guitar pattern. If she loves butterflies…again, create a butterfly pattern. Make it work for her! Super Easy!!


how to make an unicorn book

Image via Smiling Covers

Unicorn Journal

Yes, please! Unicorns are all the rage lately for tween girls! Plus, writing in a journal or diary is most popular at the middle school level. So, why not create an adorable cover for her thoughts? She’ll love it and she’ll love you for thinking of such an awesome gift! Just follow this simple tutorial from Smiling Covers. Super Easy!!


relaxing DIY, NO SEW Blanket

Image via Swoodson Says

DIY Pattern, NO SEW Blanket

Every tween girl loves to have an awesome blanket to curl up in! This adorable DIY Pattern, NO SEW blanket is made with a piece of fabric, some paint and POTATOES. Yes, you read that right! This smart crafter, cut out a pattern from a potato and used as a stamp for making this blanket. Just head on over to Swoodson Says to read the tutorial.

DIY Gifts for Teenage Girls


DIY Tablet & Phone Holder & Charging Station

OMG! This is probably the most awesome gift for teen girls that I have ever come across. With all the technology we have to keep track of today, this DIY Tablet & Phone Charging Station is just the perfect way to help your girl get organized while keeping her -ever-glued-to-her-hand- devices neat and tucked away while charging. Head on over to The DIY Mommy for instructions to make one for your daughter! Slightly Difficult!!

I’m thinking of a couple of teenage girls who might get these for Christmas this year! Hmmmm….


Reversible Fabric Shoulder Bag

Image via Doodle Crafts

Reversible Fabric Shoulder Bag

Speaking of lots of technology junk, she’s always gotta carry it with her. So, why not help her do it in style with a funky bag in a cool style like this Reversible Fabric Shoulder Bag from Doodle Craft? It’s an easy sewing project for the slightly experienced beginner and by using reversible fabric, it’s like giving 2 different gifts in 1!


DIY Chalkboard Notebook

DIY Chalkboard Notebook

Teens have lots of things to keep track of, so why not give the gift of organization? This DIY Chalkboard notebook is the perfect gift for the teen girl that “can’t make up her mind” because she can quicky change her thoughts with the swipe of a napkin. Get the tutorial here. Super Easy!!


Messy Bun Hat

Teenagers are notorious for messy buns and ponytails. So, even though she’ll fight you to the end on wearing that old hat, she’ll beg you to find her Messy Bun Hat! Get the pattern from Simply Heaven Knits on Etsy. Slightly Difficult!!

That’s it! We’ve come to the end of 12 Easy DIY Gifts for Girls.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through these ideas – some of them are definitely going on my Christmas To Do List!

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