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18 Ways to Save Money in 2018

Need to save some money this year? Check out these 18 Unique Ways to Save Money in 2018!

Yesterday, I shared 18 Ways to Make Money Online in 2018 and since, I’m frugal by nature and I love to figure out new ways to save money, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite ways to save money, too.

Generally, I’m pretty good about not overspending and I try to save wherever I can. The holidays, however, are my downfall…I always seem to overspend! I can’t seem to stop myself when I see a gift that I know someone on my list will love and I always end up spending more than I should.

Since the holidays are where I overspend, January is always budget month around here. The extra expenses of the holidays leave me feeling panicked and so, I use January as a recovery month…to make myself feel better, of course. Seriously, though, it’s a great month to create a budget and figure out ways to save money for the new year. No place like the beginning to get started!

So, if you’re anything like me and you find yourself struggling to keep the peace in your overly-frugal brain after the holidays, then this list is for you!

Below, I’ve compiled a list of 18 Ways to Save Money in 2018 and these aren’t your typical drink coffee at home tips…these are real life examples of ways that you can save a ton of money on your monthly expenses. You know, so you can overspend during the holidays…

18 Ways to Save Money Online in 2018

18 Ways to Save Money in 2018

  1. Grocery Shop Online
  2. Save Your $5s
  3. Cut Your Electricity Costs
  4. Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies
  5. Stretch Your Meat
  6. Buy Everything at the Right Time
  7. Grow Your Own Food
  8. Stop Buying Wasteful Items
  9. Create a Meal Plan…and follow it
  10. Save Your Dimes
  11. Get Rid of Cable/Satellite TV
  12. Increase Your Gas Mileage
  13. Utilize Your Freezer
  14. Make Your Own Baby Food…if you have a baby
  15. Make Household Items Last Longer
  16. Stop Buying Unnecessary Paper Goods for the Kitchen
  17. Lower Your Monthly Bills
  18. Plan A Budget…and follow it

Need more ways to save money in 2018? Check out my Saving Money page…it’s filled with ideas for saving big!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through these awesome ways to save money…may you save all that you need in 2018!

Have a Spectacular Day!

18 Ways to Save Money Online in 2018 18 Ways to Save Money Online in 2018