Make Your Own Personalized Notepads – Here’s 3 Ways!

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3 DIY Personalized Notepads

Using personalized notepads is a pretty and personal way to keep track of all the things you need to do.

Plus, they make the perfect gift for anyone at any age, too! Moms and Dads love custom stationery because they can easily keep track of to-do lists, shopping lists and family schedules.

Small business owners (and others with busy careers) enjoy personalized notepads because it allows them to jot down thoughts and new ideas, so they don’t forget them, while they are busy with other tasks.

And we can’t forget kids and teens!

Giving personalized notepads and stationery to a kid is like truly announcing they are the most important person in the world.

I mean, come on…their name is written in ink…right?

So, now that you’ve come up with a zillion people to gift personalized notepads…let’s get started!

Download your favorite printable stationery or create your own design using photo-editing or graphic design software.

Print as many pages as you like. I usually print 25 to 50 pages, depending on how thick I want to make the notepad.

Choose how you want to secure your notepad using the tutorials below.

3 DIY Personalized Notepads You Can Make Right Now!

3 DIY Personalized Notepads - Supplies

Supplies to Create DIY Personalized Notepads:

DIY Notepad #1Chipboard, large bulldog clip
Homemade Notepad #2 – Chipboard, hole punch and twine (ribbon or yarn would work too)
Make Your Own Notepad #3 – Chipboard, notepad compound, 2 small bulldog clips


3 DIY Personalized Notepads

#1 – Simple Secure Notepad

Just place your personalized stationery onto a sheet of chipboard and arrange it into a neat stack.

Secure at the top with a large bulldog clip.

** Use recycled cereal boxes, cardboard boxes, etc. to make a sturdy backing for your notepad if you don’t have any regular chipboard on hand.

3 DIY Personalized Notepads

3 DIY Personalized Notepads

#2 – Tied in a Bow Notepad

Place your personalized note paper into a neat stack on top of a sheet of chipboard.

Use a hole punch to punch 2 holes (about 2 inches apart), near the top of the stack of paper and chipboard.

Thread a piece of twine, ribbon or yarn through the holes and tie into a neat bow or decorative knot to secure the paper stack.

3 DIY Personalized Notepads

3 DIY Personalized Notepads

#3 – Glue Strip Notepad

Arrange your personalized stationery note paper into a neat stack on top of a sheet of chipboard.

Place a small bulldog clip on each side of the stack to secure the paper.

Squeeze a small strip of liquid glue, silicone or notepad compound along the top edge of the stack of paper.

Allow the glue to completely dry before removing the clips.

3 DIY Personalized Notepads

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tutorial on how to make your own personalized notepads!

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3 DIY Personalized Notepads

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