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3 Easy Ways to Get Your Etsy Shop Ready For Summer Shoppers

Want to give your craft business a boost during the sweltering, slow days of summer? Get your Etsy shop ready for overheated shoppers with these easy tips.

Summer is notoriously known for being a slow season on Etsy. So, what do you do to keep your Etsy shop afloat during the summer months?

Bust your butt, that’s what you do!

Without a doubt, the summer season is the slowest time for Etsy shop owners. It can be hard to keep your spirits up, but you have to push on if you want your Etsy business to be a success.

It isn’t always easy to get people through the doors of your online shop when all they want to do is lounge on the beach and that’s okay.

But, you still need to make a living, right?

Instead of being pushy or sales-y in hopes of reciprocating summer sales, take some time this spring to get your Etsy shop ready for the slow days ahead.

In other words:

Clean up your storefront and make it pretty!

Here’s a few easy ways to get started…

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Etsy Shop Ready For Summer Shoppers

Flip Flop Note Cards from VLHamlinDesign – $14.00

Create A Summer Line

Design or create a new line of products specifically for summer. Take a walk down the seasonal aisle at your local Target or Walmart – what can you make that is better than what is currently being offered in your market?

For example, if you are a woodworker, than consider making garden planters or outdoor furniture. Are you a crocheter? Make bathing suits, beach bags and cozy blankets for laying on the sand.

Even thought it’s early spring, now is the time to get these new products listed in your Etsy shop and start advertising them! Your target market is already begging for warm, sunny days.

Tulip Stationery Set

Tulip Stationery Set from VLHamlinDesign – $40.00

Update Product Photos

It’s time to take down the Christmas decorations and start portraying your products in the light of summer! Add some pretty flowers and sandcastles to your product listings to make them feel more summer-y. Make sure to take the pictures in bright sunshine-y light, too!

For example, if you’re that woodworker I talked about above, then take your garden planters outside, stick a pot of pretty flowers inside and take a picture. Did you make a picnic table? Put it on the grass and set it up like you’re having a barbecue, then take some finished photos.

Switch Up Your Titles and Tags

Everyone knows that the key to getting your Etsy shop found is good titles and tags. But what do you do when popular keywords are constantly changing?

You change with them, of course!

Your titles and tags are the single most important part of your Etsy listing and you need to keep them up to date. Which, unfortunately, means constantly tweaking them to fit what customers are searching for in that particular season.

Obviously, people are not spending much time looking for Christmas decorations in March. But, they are looking for ways to spruce up their homes for summer and that’s what you need to give them.

For example, back to that woodworker, if you’ve made a garden planter, then you’ll want to use keywords that your customers are using to search for garden planters. While I call it a planter, you might call it a basket or a pot…instead of using the word garden in front of it, you might say flower planter or herb pot. We don’t all use the same phrases for things and you have to take that into account when titling your products in your Etsy shop. Use a variety of search phrases in your titles, then repeat those phrases in your tags.

I hope these little tips help you get your Etsy shop in tip-top shape for your summer shoppers!

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