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3 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money for Christmas

Do you need to make extra money for Christmas? Look no further – here’s 3 easy ways to make some extra cash that you don’t want to miss!

Everyone loves to give and receive gifts on Christmas, but it’s becoming increasingly harder, each year, to buy gifts that people really want.

Remember the days of a $10 budget for each person? They’re long gone, my friend.

You’re lucky to buy a gift for $50 per person at this point and it’s only getting worse as the years go by!

In order to buy the gifts you want to give people, you have to do something to make extra money for Christmas, so why not do something fun?

Something that is directed at the season?

Something you actually want to do?

And most especially, something people would actually be willing to pay you to do for them…

3 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money for Christmas

Bake, Cater & Cook

People love to have homemade baked goods laying around during the holidays, so why not help them out while fattening up your wallet?

If you love to bake or cook, then consider selling your homemade pies, cakes and cookies throughout the holiday season or create some fancy menu plans and cater a few Christmas parties.

Not everyone has the skills or the wherewithal to prepare the perfect pumpkin pie or chocolate fudge and many people would gladly pay big bucks to have someone else do it.

Why not you?

Shop Until You Drop

Love to shop?

Then offer your shopping skills to your neighbors, family and friends for the holiday season.

With the busy-ness of life today, it’s hard for people to find time to go Christmas shopping and some, just don’t want to do it.

So, why not make some extra money for Christmas while doing something you love? Come up with an hourly rate or a flat fee and head on out to the mall.

Decorating Committee

Share your love of Christmas decorating with your community!

Again, many people want to have the Christmas spirit surrounding their homes with holiday lights, but it’s not always possible to find the time to do it up like the Griswold’s.

Offer to do it for your neighbors, family and friends.

Charge a flat rate per house or create a few package deals, like simple lights, full yard decorating or, if you have time, create the full Griswold special.

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out these 3 easy ways to make extra money for Christmas. They aren’t necessarily conventional jobs, but they sure are fun! Be sure to signup for my daily newsletter to receive free printables, easy dinner ideas, recipes, home business tips and so much more right in your inbox!

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