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5 Creative Ways to Display Greeting Cards

Looking for clever ways to display your greeting cards at home? There are lots of really awesome ways to show off your cards from family and friends – check out these 5 creative ways to display greeting cards to get started!

As a greeting card writer and designer, I hate the idea of people throwing away my cards after the celebration is over. It makes me sad!

As a hoarder sentimental person, I tend to keep a lot of the cards given to me and my family, because I hate to throw those away, too!

I even have cards saved from my early childhood and my husband and my first Christmas together, our children’s birth’s and then some. However, I’ve always put these cards away with the storage or seasonal items, because I wasn’t sure what else to do with them.

But, I’ve since found Pinterest and all these really clever ways to display greeting cards that I never would have imagined!

Here’s just a few ideas to get started…

5 Creative Ways to Display Greeting Cards

Greeting Card Tree – From

This one is my favorite!

How clever is this greeting card display? I just love the idea of using natural branches to “hang” your cards! It looks so rustic and old-fashioned.


Christmas Card Display with old windows

Old Window Card Display from

I have a strong affinity for old windows, so when I saw this window greeting card display, I fell in love instantly!


Washi Tape Tree! A festive way to organize all of your holiday cards...

Washi Tape Tree from

How cool is this Washi Tape Christmas card tree?

You could do this for any holiday! Make a heart for Valentine’s Day, a 4-leaf clover for St. Patrick’s Day or even an Easter Bunny for Easter!


DIY Merry Mail Greeting Card Holder

DIY Merry Mail Greeting Card Holder from

This “Merry Mail” card holder is so cute! Again, you could do this for any holiday…just switch up the words and the ribbons and you’re good to go.


5 Creative Ways to Display Greeting Cards - Instagram Print Display

Instagram Print Display by

I know this shutter display is holding Instagram photos, but how cute would this be covered with greeting cards?

You could paint an old shutter red or green and use it for Christmas, or pastels for Easter. There are so many color variations to this one!

So, why don’t you stop throwing away all your cards and start displaying them instead? It’s a great way to decorate seasonally (and celebrationally – is that even a word?) without spending any extra money!

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through these creative ways to display greeting cards at home.

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5 Creative Ways to Display Greeting Cards - Food Life Design

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