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5 Easy Bread Recipes That Will Save You A TON of Money

Advertiser Disclosure and PoliciesLooking for some easy bread recipes that will save you a ton of money? Look no further – this post has 5 recipes that are sure to hit the spot!

We all know that homemade bread tastes better than any that you can buy in the store. But, did you know that making your own bread recipes will save you a ton of money, too?

The cost of 1 loaf of store-bought bread can run anywhere from $1.50 for the ultra-cheap stuff to $5.00 or even $6.00 for a higher end brand, while an average loaf of basic homemade bread costs somewhere around $0.40 a loaf!

It’s crazy, right?!

Consider this…

Let’s go with $3.00 a loaf for an average price of store-bought bread and we’ll stick with the $0.40 for the homemade version.

If your family goes through the average 2 loaves a week, that is 104 loaves of bread you’re using in a year.

Do the math, my friend!

The cost of buying bread at the store
$3.00 x 104 = $312.00

The cost of making your own bread
$0.40 x 104 = $41.60

That’s a savings of $270.40 a year!

Can you imagine how much you’d save if you started making your own hamburger buns, hot dog rolls, dinner rolls, tortillas, etc.?

Start making your own homemade bread!

Okay, I get it – you’re busy. Life is busy and you think you don’t have time to make homemade bread, but I promise, you do.

Stop picturing your great-grandmother slaving away in the kitchen at 3:00 am trying to make bread for breakfast.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

There are tons of recipes out there to make homemade bread and many of them require less than an hour of actual hands-on time, so there is no need to spend all day in the kitchen.

And there is no fancy equipment required!

Sure, it’s nice to have a KitchenAid Commercial Stand Mixer, but all you really need is a big mixing bowl, your hands and a good quality bread pan (and sometimes, you don’t even need that!).

5 Easy Bread Recipes That Will Save You A Ton of Money

Below, I’m sharing 5 easy bread recipes that will save you a ton of money and help you get started in making your own homemade bread.

I’ve tried each and every one of these recipes and I’ll tell you what…they are sooo easy!

And so good!

So, the next time you realize you’re out of bread, don’t rush to the store…

Just come back here, pick the recipe you have time for and start baking!

5 Easy Bread Recipes That Will Save You A TON of Money


Make this delicious homemade honey sandwich bread in 30 minutes or less using just 6 ingredients!

Best 1 Hour Bread Recipe. Perfect bread start to finish in one hour. This is my favorite bread recipe.Best 1 Hour Bread Recipe from Baking Outside the Box

This 1 hour bread recipe is quick, easy to throw together and so delicious! But, the best part is…it only requires 6 ingredients and an hour of your time from start to finish.

The Only Basic Italian Bread Recipe You'll Ever Need Basic Italian Bread Recipe

Italian bread is a delicious addition to your favorite comfort foods and there are so many different ways you can enjoy this yummy bread! So, be sure to add this basic Italian bread recipe to your list of must make recipes!

This artisan bread recipe is so easy to make and turns out amazing! It only takes 4 ingredients and 5 minutes of hands on time for crusty, delicious bread! How to make bread.Crazy Easy Homemade Artisan Bread from It’s Always Autumn

This super-yummy, crusty artisan bread is perfect for making with stews and chili and even for a thick, meaty sandwich!

Rustic Bread RecipeRustic Bread Recipe

This rustic bread recipe makes 2 loaves and it’s ready in less than 2 hours – including rise time!

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out these yummy bread recipes and good luck with your baking!

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5 Easy Bread Recipes That Will Save You A Ton of Money


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