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5 Etsy Customer Service Tips That Keep Them Coming Back For More

Do you want to know the secret to regular sales and a booming craft business?

Learning how to sell on Etsy is a tricky business in itself, but add in learning to deal directly with customers and you’re talking a whole different language. Here’s my favorite 5 Etsy Customer Service Tips that I’ve learned along the way.

5 Etsy Customer Service Tips That Keep them Coming Back for More 3

As customers we want to be coddled.

We want our hands held and the product of our dreams to magically appear…immediately. As in yesterday, my friend.

Come on, you know it!

How many times have you ordered something and then paced to and from the mailbox everyday awaiting it’s arrival? Hoping that by some mysterious postal force, it ends up coming sooner than the expected delivery date?

5 Etsy Customer Service Tips That Keep them Coming Back for More 4

I’ll bet you’ve done it many, many times – I know I have!

Like I said before, as customers we ALL want to be coddled – so, don’t expect your Etsy customers to be any different than you. It’s imperative that you set your business up for success by following good practices and satisfying your customer…every…single…time.

Of course, you’re always going to come across the 1 in a million customer who simply cannot be satisfied. That’s okay. Do your best, accept it for what it is and move on. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with everything.

But, the majority of customers will keep coming back for more as long as they love your product and you offer them stellar service.

Here’s my best 5 Etsy Customer Service Tips to keep them coming back for more –

5 Etsy Customer Service Tips That Keep them Coming Back for More 2

5 Etsy Customer Service Tips That Keep Them Coming Back For More

  1. Answer All Conversations ASAP – Try to respond to all customers as soon as possible, but definitely respond within 24 hours! Fast communication is the number one key to Etsy success.
  2. Handle With Care – Spend time on your packaging and make sure all of your deliveries will arrive at their destinations safely.
  3. Ship Quickly – Ship all orders as quickly as possible and within your suggested shipping time frame.
  4. Say Thank You – Add a handwritten note of thanks to your packing slips or include a thank you card in every package. Your customers will love to see that you’ve taken the time to write them a special note.
  5. Offer a Free Gift – Include an “extra” in every package. Or add a coupon code to your packing slips for all repeat customers.

I hope these Etsy customer service tips help to get your business off to the right start. If you’re just learning how to sell on Etsy, then the one thing you need to remember is – great customer service is what makes a business thrive – make sure yours is making a good impression on your customers.

Have a Spectacular Day!

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