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5 Ideas For A Date Night At Home

When we first entered parenthood we vowed that we would absolutely, positively, make time at least twice a month to have a date night…even if it was a date night at home!

We were hugely optimistic weren’t we? Even a little naïve – I’d say.

But, it is HARD to get it all together to sneak out for a couple of hours of adult time even if you aren’t a parent.

For us- it can be because we can’t find a sitter, the budget is too tight or honestly…..we are just too tired. 

And going out can be a lot of work

But we DO know how important it is to make sure we sometimes prioritize quality time together.

“Couple” by wyatt fisher 321 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Even if any (or all) of these things I mentioned get in the way it doesn’t mean you can’t still date!

Here are 5 ideas for a date night at home that can be done after the kids go to sleep, for cheap and even in your sweatpants…

Canvas painting

“Paint Brushes Close-Up” by Tech109 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Challenge one another to paint a picture that reminds you of each other or a memory in your relationship. 

What will you need: 

Cocktail/Mocktail Night

“Grapefruit Cocktail in Simon Pearce” by Didriks is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A night of tastings! 3 different cocktails are on the menu. Each of you will choose a cocktail that you are interested in making.

Take turns in making and tasting the cocktail of your choice and then come together to concoct an original of your own. 

Added Challenge: Name the cocktail something clever that incorporates a detail of your relationship.

What will you need:

    • Recipes for the cocktails of choice. Use Pinterest to find fun ones!
    • A shaker or mixing cup
    • Shot glass for measuring

Turn any drink recipe into mocktails with the simple swap of liquor for juice/seltzer/non-alcoholic beer and/or wines.

Cooking Challenge

“Cooking as Experimentation” by cogdogblog is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Be inventive! Challenge one another in a cooking challenge.

Have you ever seen the show Chopped?

Yes, you’ve got that right! A mystery box cooking challenge.

Choose a course and do your best to wow your partner.

Appetizer- Main Course- Dessert. You can each take the challenge of one course and do dessert together! 

The rules:

  • No phones
  • Recipe books are a no!
  • Zero time limit
  • Free range to the cupboards and fridge for added/needed ingredients 

Board Game Night

“Still a favourite board game (explore)” by Maria Eklind is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Bring it back to the basics.

Remember that feel good feeling of sitting down and playing board games as a kid? Well, I’m here to tell you it is still just as fun!

Start by each of you selecting you favorite throwback board game.

Don’t worry about buying it brand new if it’s not already in the closet- lots of thrift stores carry old games. So, be sure to check there before spending extra money!

Living Room Campout

“movie night” by ginnerobot is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

This one is one of our favorites. Turn your living room into a campout!

Full of everything comfy- added blankets and pillows to cozy into. And bring some of your favorite snacks!

Added perk if you can do smores’ over the fireplace. Snuggle in and have a movie marathon.

If screen time isn’t your forte then keep an area open to do a little activity like a puzzle or card game.

Don’t be shy to stock a cooler to make it feel like a complete campout experience. 

Dating doesn’t have to stop after the honeymoon phase or when the title of parenthood finds you.

Be creative then have fun– even if it is right in your own kitchen or living room. 

Love, light and a little grace…