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5 Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

There’s only a couple of days until Christmas! Do you have all your gifts ready? No?

Are all your gifts neatly wrapped and ready to go? Or are you a procrastinator like me, finding yourself wrapping and yes, still buying last minute gifts the week before Christmas? If you’re like me and you still need a few gifts, check out the 5 last minute DIY Christmas gift ideas I’ve listed below…they’re sure to be a hit with anyone on your list!


A new year is coming!

Calendars and planners make a great gift for just about anyone, but especially students, teachers and small business owners. There is always a lot to juggle and it’s nice to keep things organized on a cute calendar or to keep track of the to-do list on a pretty planner.


Who doesn’t love cookies?

Pick up a couple packages of Betty Crocker Cookie Mix and whip up a few different flavors. Place the cookies on a pretty platter and wrap with cellophane. Instant gift in 20 minutes or less!


Do you knit or crochet?

Make some pretty washcloths or dishcloths for everyone. They are quick and easy to make, plus you can make several with just 1 skein of yarn. Here’s an easy tutorial for knitting washcloths and here’s another for crochet.

Photo Album

Share some memories!

Pick up a photo album and while you’re at the store, print a few special photos from your cell phone camera. Take them home, put them in the album and you’ve got another quick and easy gift that will be loved by anyone, but most especially family members.

Greeting Card Set

Send a greeting!

When all else fails, fill a gift box with homemade or premade greeting cards. Create a variety of cards for holidays, birthdays and other special events throughout the year. Be sure to include envelopes and if you want to include a little extra, add some stamps, fun writing pens or some stickers.

I hope these DIY Christmas gift ideas help you finish checking off your list…and maybe give you a few ideas for next year, too!

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