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5 Ways You Waste Money Everyday

Do you find yourself out of money before the end of the week? That’s probably because you waste money everyday on things you just don’t need to spend your hard earned dollars on! Check out the tips and tricks in this post to start saving and stop wasting your money…

Are you sick and tired of running out of money every week?

Then, it’s time you stop wasting your hard earned money on things you don’t need!

Times are tough, my friend.

The cost of everything has gone up and it keeps going up, but the problem is your income probably doesn’t follow the upward swing. Plus, you likely waste money on premade things you could make yourself at home.

Why bother? Well, because you could do so much more with your money, then giving it to the convenience store or the coffee shop!

Take the family on vacation, buy that new sweater that you’ve been eyeballing at the mall or save it for the future instead.

So, quit blowing your dollars!


Here’s 5 ways you waste money everyday, along with some tips on how you can save over $300 a month…

Shop in Bulk

It’s time to quit the convenience store. Stopping to pick up $5.00 gallon of milk and a $4.00 loaf of bread everyday is a great waste of money.

Shopping in bulk at the grocery store, warehouse store or even is a much better way to buy your groceries.

It’s a lot easier to go once a week, bi-weekly or even once a month and you could easily save $100 or more a month!

Stop Buying Your Coffee at Starbucks

Stopping at Starbucks on the way to work is a delicious, refreshing treat for your taste buds, but your wallet isn’t thanking you.

If your favorite morning drink is a large Mocha Cappuccino, you’re probably spending around $150 a month on coffee! Buy coffee in bulk when you’re grocery shopping and make your own at home!

Make Your Lunch at Home

Do you buy your lunch out everyday? Even if you’re eating at McDonald’s, you’re probably spending $5.00 or more on each meal…not to mention what you’re doing to your health!

Buy some bread, good quality lunch meat and cheese at the grocery store to make your own sandwiches and you could save up to $50.00 a month.

Buy a Water Bottle

Picking up a bottle of water at the convenience store or soda machine on your way to work? Buy a BPA-free water bottle on your next trip to the grocery store and fill it up at home everyday. You could even alternate and make lemonade or iced tea instead of water and you’ll still save over $25.00 a month.

Quit Washing Your Clothes

Okay, I’m not saying don’t ever wash your clothes. Especially your under clothes! But, why wash a pair of jeans when you didn’t even leave the house? Shake them out instead and hang ’em back in your closet. You’ll not only save money on laundry detergent, but you’ll reduce your electric and your water bill, too.

As you can see, you’re wasting well over $300 every single month on things that you just don’t need to spend your money on.

So, think about it…

What would you do with an extra $3600 a year?

Have a Spectacular Day!