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Acadia National Park Must Sees

Trip number two is in the books to Acadia National Park with our family! It was no different than the first. Relaxed, full of adventure and awe. It is such a great place to visit with children. So much learning to be had! That is why I thought I would share my top two Acadia National Park Must Sees. 

Now I am coming to you in a sense of exploring with young ones but to be frank, these three spots would be top on my list no matter what season of life I was in. 

All are do-able to visit with any age child or even if you are exploring childless, and really a treasure no matter YOUR age, too! 

Acadia National Park Must Sees

Hulls Cove Visitors Center 

This is a useful informational center hub. You can purchase your park passes to access the park in its entirety and visit all of the wonderful sites along the way. It is a really great starter point to it all. With the informational aspect there is also a wonderful gift shop, passport stamping, a free bus that will bring you around and about most of the popular stops amongst the park and a well maintained and easy going trail system. 

This is where we kicked off the week of soaking in the adventure and nature based family activities. A wide, well maintained road trail system brought on under a 2 mile hike with our family of all ages, 2-61! 

Loops on the trail include: Witch Hole Pond, Upper and Lower Breakneck Pond, and Eagle Lake. 

witches pond acadia

Witches Pond

trails acadia


Sand Beach

If you enjoy the ocean and are use to visiting some of the major beaches on the east coast you won’t want to miss this one! It is all beauty and wonder. The colliding views of rolling ocean waves, clean and soft sandy beach and idealistic northern Maine coastal beauty leave you in awe of all of natures wonders. 

In true Acadia fashion there are more trail systems leading off in every direction. However, the beach itself is just a joy to visit. Being that the temperatures start to drop in September there are time we have still roamed in warm clothing and also times we have splashed in bathing suits basking in the sun during a packed picnic lunch. 

The trails that can be accessed here are: Ocean Path, Beehive Loop and Mountain Loop.

jordan beach acadia

Jordan Beach

Jordan Beach view


Jordan Pond Path

A 3.1 mile hike that is absolutely stunning! It was such a great mix of terrain like coastal rocky, northern woods and bridge and wooden boardwalks! For the kids it wasn’t too difficult and how much the trail changed kept them intrigued and up for the next challenge! 

It took us a couple of hours with 3 young ones under 10 however this loop is worth it. It was hands down one of the favorite hikes we have taken to date in Acadia National Park. 

On average for the normal hiker it can be done in less than an hour.

Plus, you can add a little more adventure if you’d like and hike up to the top of South Bubble! 

When you arrive back there is the Jordan Pond House restaurant that I have heard rave reviews about and also a large gift shop! You can then hitch the bus back up to the visitor’s center if you are parked there. We enjoyed using this service as parking can be difficult at some of these popular spots!

jordan pond loop acadia

Views from Jordan Pond Path

acadia jordan pond

boardwalk acadia


Make sure to do a little research before visiting if it is a one time vacation! There is A LOT to do and so many different places you might want to check out or hike. We have been two years in a row and have just touched the tip of the iceberg! 


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