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All About Pickles!

Do you have an abundance of cucumbers and zucchini from the end of year harvest? I know that I always end up with way more than I know what to do with. So this article is ALL about pickles! 

What better way to celebrate a pickling party than to give you an article with all of the wonderful recipes we have used and loved over the years?

Now, you can really pickle just about anything. I love to have a variety sitting on my shelves. I love even more to be able to gift beautiful jars of pickled goods to friends and family.

When we have gatherings, being able to bring up a jar of my homemade pickles to put out, or two, is so rewarding and tasty!

All About Pickles!

Without further ado here is a wonderfully compiled list of all of our favorite pickled goodies here at Food-Life-Design!


Homemade Garlic Dill Pickles 

These are like the pickles that come packed in the sandwich you get at the deli. With no canning required they are really easy to make a batch of to have in your fridge for the week ahead. With a lovely garlic punch you will be snacking on them pretty regularly! 


garlic dill pickles


Sweet & Tangy Refrigerator Pickles

A crunchy snack the entire family will love! Ditch the store bought jars of pickles that are packed with preservatives and chemicals and gives these easy refrigerator pickles a try. They won’t disappoint. 

tangy pickle



Bread and Butter Dill Zucchini Pickle Recipe

A little different than your average cucumber pickle, these zucchini pickles are a great way to use up some of those extra picked zucchini. The serve just the right note of sweet and go deliciously on the side of a fresh plate of lunch!

zucchini b and b pickles


Pickled Green Beans AKA Dilly Beans 

The pickling party doesn’t have to stop at cucumbers and zucchini. One of the greatest things about pickling is you can pickle a HUGE variety of things and they all taste incredible. One of my favorites is a good ol’ fashion dilly bean. They are one of my favorite canned garden snacks!


dilly bean pickled


Pickled Beets

I am a big time beet lover. They are one of those things that you either love or hate. For me, roasting them is my favorite. But I do love them fresh and I really love them pickled as well. I guess just give me a beet and I’ll be a happy gal. 

pickled beets


Bread and Butter Pickled Cabbage

With only 6 ingredients and less than an hour to process this pickled cabbage is a perfect pairing for steak, pork chops or even chicken!

pickled cabbage


Happy pickling!


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