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Animal Habitat Shoe Box Project

We did a throwback project recently! Using shoeboxes to build scenes. I remember doing this when I was younger for projects in school. For this one we made it an animal habitat show box project! 

They came out so interesting and my girls could not get enough of how wildely creative they could be. Even down to creating their own shopping lists for materials! 

Animal Habitat Shoe Box Project

For this particular project we used free printable worksheets from Teachers Pay Teachers which is a wonderful resource for a variety of subjects and grades/ages. This worksheet was from Making Lemonade in the Classroom!




I gave my girls free range to choose whatever animal they would like and their choices were a chameleon and a cheetah! 

We worked together to gather facts and study the animals by watching educational videos, reading books and even going to our local library to see if there was any information to be learned there about each fascinating animal!

YouTube has a large variety of educational videos for children. Be sure to watch with them so that they are getting the most out of the videos and that they are appropriate for their age group. I typically always add in “for kids” in the search of what we are looking for and it will bring up the lovely educational channels!


Building Our Boxes

Once we had our sheets filled out and had spent several days studying our animals, they felt confident enough to build habitats for them! 

We gathered some money and went to a local cheap craft store, the Dollar Market! It was a great place to get several different options for building without breaking the bank. It allowed the kids to problem solve with a variety of  materials and troubleshoot what materials would work best with one another to accomplish their vision!

Don’t forget your shoe boxes! I loved that we used this concept. It brought me back to my younger years and the shadow box projects I use to do in school and at home. 

show box project

chameleon habitat

shoe box

cheetah habitat

Ideas for materials….

Here are some ideas for materials for a project such as this. They all worked really well in the shoe boxes and we ended up with materials left over for other projects ahead!

  • Clay in several color options
  • Collected outdoor materials that won’t spoil
  • Foam squares
  • Felt sheets
  • Colored construction paper
  • Colored and bare popsicle sticks
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Paint
  • Cotton balls

I hope that you and your little ones find time to do this fun and educational project, too! 

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