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Anxiously Awaiting Spring

Hello lovely people! It has been a little since I came on to chat with all my friends and to give you a life update. Here on the homestead, we’ve entered the anxiously awaiting spring season. Where all things are planning ahead and embracing the last few months of staying warm and cozy inside.

Somehow our winter season ended up a lot busier than I anticipated or prefer. I guess with little ones this shouldn’t come as a surprise! They certainly keep us on our toes and active. We cannot complain because as they say, it’s how we stay young!

Anxiously Awaiting Spring

spring growing

While garden bed planting is in full swing we also have started some seeds inside and doubled it as an ongoing homeschool lesson! The girls are observing the changes in growth in our tiny grow houses. 

We have pulled all of our seeds together leftover from last year and purchased any new ones we might need. 

Next, I will begin planning our herb garden as in past years it has not been as successful as I would like. This year there will be a big emphasis on a thriving herb garden for nutritional AND medicinal purposes.

I received a dehydrator for Christmas and I cannot wait to put it to good use throughout our grow and preserve seasons!

I’ve also been expanding my expertise in the kitchen! I started a sourdough starter from scratch and I have been baking beautiful sourdough recipes. 

Our goal is to cut out a large percentage of store bought items through our sourdough journey. Things like…

  • bagels
  • english muffins
  • sandwich bread
  • crackers 
  • cinnamon rolls
  • pizza dough

The list goes on and on! Some are things we cut out completely because of bad the ingredients were…like poptarts! Now making them from scratch is incredible and much healthier! 

The sourdough journey has been an amazing homeschool lesson as we keep our starter alive and weigh our ingredients as we bake.



spring learning

Making homemade sourdough poptarts



Make sure you stay tuned in to see our homestead expansion, more self taught homemakers knowledge, and all the fun recipes our family will come up with!

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