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August 2019 Free Calendar Printable

Today’s the last day of July and it’s time to get your free calendar printable for August 2019!

Although, I’m not sure how we got here. And if you read my newsletters, then you know I’m struggling with this month this year because my oldest daughter is leaving for college.

But, at the same time…I’m so ready for this heat wave to end.

It took forever for summer to get to Vermont this year, but when it did…holy heat! It’s been obsessive and we could really use a bit of a cool down.

Anyone else feeling this way?

August? How’d you get here already? Where did the summer go? Where did the year go?!

How to Use The August 2019 Free Calendar Printable

I use these calendars to keep track of my household tasks and random appointments.

We also keep one of these calendars in the kitchen for the girls to write down their schedules, so I always know who is where on whatever day.

But, you can use this calendar however you like!

Just start by jotting down all the things you HAVE to do, then fill in the rest of the space with all the fun stuff you WANT to do!

Even if you can’t afford a fancy vacation or you don’t have a TON of fun stuff planned, you can still try to work in something relaxing!

Jot down a nice, relaxing afternoon in your backyard hammock…then actually DO IT!

Pencil in a movie that you want to see at the theater…then GO SEE IT!

If you’re not able to plan any sort of trips, or relaxing lazy days, this summer, you can still use this calendar to keep track of all kinds of things you do, like:

  • household chores
  • dinner menu
  • work schedule
  • kids’ summer camp schedule
  • errands
  • appointments
  • to-do list

Anything you want, really!

Just scroll down below to the “DOWNLOAD HERE” picture and click it to get your own copy right now!


Please note: This free calendar printable is a gift from me to you and cannot be sold, transferred or altered, in any way, without my written consent. Feel Free to share the link with family and friends so they can download their own copy.

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Have a Spectacular Day!