Back to School Breakfast Menu

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Back to School Breakfast Menu

~ Back to School Breakfast Menu ~

It’s back to school time!

That means getting up super-early and “doing the flight of the bumblebee” to make sure everyone has everything they need…before the bus arrives.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a breakfast person. But the truth is…I’m just not a morning person. I’m not one to jump from bed → to shower → to kitchen.

It doesn’t work that way in my house and my family has gotten used to it over the years. Physically, I do get up early everyday. Usually, around 5:30 am. But mentally, I need some time to wake up before I can function properly.

Starting the day with a giant, farmhouse style breakfast is just not on my radar. But, I don’t like to shove the kids full of junky cereal and premade meals everyday, either.

With one daughter starting 9th grade and the other starting 7th grade this year, we’ve had a few years to work out a breakfast system for school. And, we’re usually really good about following it…for at least half of the school year. 😉

Each August, the girls and I have a “breakfast making day”. We make a ton of pancakes, french toast sticks, muffins and whatever other baked goods the girls are interested in at that particular time. After the cooking is over, we put everything into freezer bags and throw it all in the freezer until school starts.

I don’t keep a specific breakfast menu, instead I have their list of breakfast choices on the fridge and the girls just read it each day and pull out whatever is available for that week. We usually alternate from week to week.

For example:

Week 1 might have the following options…

M – Cereal
T – Mini Pancakes
W – Oatmeal
T – Scones
F – Yogurt

Whereas Week 2 would have different choices…

M – Muffins
T – Fruit
W – French toast sticks
T – Pop -Tarts (Buy a Value Size Box on Amazon for only $3.50)
F – Oatmeal

However, they are still choosing from the same basic breakfast list every week! It makes it super easy for them to choose their own breakfast, but still gives me the benefit of knowing that they aren’t eating processed meals everyday.

It works really well for us and so, I thought maybe you’d want to try it too. It saves a lot of time and there is no whining in the morning about not know what to eat for breakfast! I makes for a much easier start to the day. 🙂

Here’s the basic menu that we use. I’ve also included some links for homemade recipes of each meal, too.


Back to School Breakfast Menu

Back to School Breakfast Menu

Mini Pancakes

French Toast Sticks



Baked Goods (Muffins, Scones, etc.)


I hope you enjoy trying out our Back to School Breakfast Menu! It really does make morning so much easier!

Have a Spectacular Day!


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