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Back To School Crock Pot Meals

Summer is winding down and gearing up for back to school is in full swing! I’ve compiled a wonderful list of back to school crock pot meals that will make the the families new routine feel a little easier. 

With this list you can put more focus on those earlier bed times, helping with home work or just having the extra few moments to catch up and ask the important questions about how their days are going!


Back To School Crock Pot Meals

These are some of the recipes directly from our homes! We enjoy making these for our families, they are budget friendly and a lot involve scratch cooking made easy. 

stout chili finish

chop suey cover

crockpot southern green beans


Must Try Crock Pot Meals 

I spent some time pulling recipes from my, “must try book!” These are all mostly from other busy, budgeting mamas! Incredibly delicious and easy to put together recipes that you can find comfort in knowing you are providing a MEAL to your family without all the extra work and with your extra time available to them!

There are some nights I don’t even have the time to follow a recipe. Or maybe the school week has been so insane that we are in desperate need of a grocery store restock, leaving me to have to be incredibly creative with the ingredients I have left in the fridge and cabinet.

Lastly, I sometimes pull together a crazy concoction in my efforts of not being wasteful! I will take all of the items I need to use up and whip up something new and fun!

Here are some DIY Seasoning Mixes for Slow Cooker Meals you could base your pull together meal on!


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