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The Best Way to Save Money on Groceries

Are you looking for the best way to save money on groceries? Look no further – you’ve found it and it’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried tons of different ways to save money on groceries. From couponing to meal planning to freezer cooking, you’ve probably done it all. I know I have!

They’re all great ways to save money on your food, so why not do them all? But, there is another way to save money on your groceries that so many people overlook and it’s pathetically simple albeit a little time consuming.

When I was a little girl, I would go visit my grandparents in the summer. Every Tuesday was grocery shopping day for my Gram and we’d go pick up my Great-Aunt and we’d head into the nearest town to do the shopping.

My grandmother loved to shop at all the different stores in town and for a little girl, that was tiring. But, it was so much fun to tag along because as soon as we were done with the shopping, we got to go out to lunch and I loved that! Cheeseburger deluxe and a vanilla milkshake, please!

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Anyway, the point of my story here is, as a little girl, I thought my grandmother just liked to shop. I didn’t realize that she was actually going to all of these different stores to save money on groceries. That didn’t even occur to me!

However, that’s exactly what she was doing. They weren’t rich people and she needed to cut costs wherever she could…groceries, of course being the first to cut.

By shopping at different stores, she would buy only what was on sale at each store. Perhaps she had coupons for those items, too, I don’t remember. But, I know she always bought specific items at each store and she stocked up on those items, too.

She had a list that was broken down by what she needed to get from each store and she stuck to her list. With the occasional add-on gift for me.

As a child, this whole thing meant nothing more than a cheeseburger lunch and a day out on the town with my Gram and my Great-Aunt, but, as an adult and the mother of two, I realize now, that the greatest gift from these shopping trips was learning this process!

The Best Way to Save Money on Groceries

The Best Way to Save Money on Groceries

Shop at Different Stores!

But here’s the thing – you can’t just go to a bunch of different stores and buy a whole lot of stuff! That completely defeats the purpose of the best way to save money on groceries!

You have to have a strategy…

Start by getting your local newspaper on Sunday (it usually has all the sales flyers for your local area). If you can’t get the paper, then head to the website Living Rich With Coupons and find your local stores. The team over there is kind enough to share tons of local sales flyers and they also share what the best deals are for each week. It’s a win-win!

After you’ve had a chance to peruse through all of the sales flyers, make a grocery list of each store you intend to visit. Under each store, write down the items that you need that are on sale at that store.

Find any coupons that you can for the items on your list. Keep your coupons with your list so you don’t forget them!

Head to the stores and shop directly from your grocery list – do not buy off list! If you can afford to, stock up on the items that are on sale, buy as many as you can each time and eventually, you’ll build a nice little stockpile for the future!

This is truly the best way to save money on groceries without a lot of effort. I mean, cutting coupons is great, if you have the time – it will definitely add to your savings, but if you don’t have time – don’t sweat it!

Just follow the strategy above and you’ll save a ton of money on your food!

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You can even do this if you do your grocery shopping online! Just head to your favorite grocery shopping website and click their sale page to find the best deals.

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The Best Way to Save Money on Groceries

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The Best Way to Save Money on Groceries

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