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How I Remodeled My Whole Bathroom With Just a $100 Budget !

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$100 Budget Bathroom Remodel

~ The Reveal ~

Holy cow! When I started this project, I had intentions of doing the bathroom vanity makeover, painting the walls and maybe updating some of the decor. I never imagined that 2 1/2 weeks later, my entire bathroom would be remodeled! But, it is and it looks gorgeous. Way better than I planned or expected!

But, the very best part is…my budget bathroom remodel cost was less than $100!

For everything!

Can you imagine? With the average cost of a small bathroom remodel being somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000, I think I did pretty well!

I mean, the bathroom is only about 5′ x 6′, so it’s not like there’s a whole lot of space to contend with. But, still…

When I started, I gave myself a budget of $100 for this project, but in the end, I actually came in at less than $75!

(Take a look at some of the “before and during” shots from Instagram.)

I utilized all kinds of materials that we had laying around and I really didn’t buy anything more than a few hooks, some spackle, a gallon of high gloss paint for the walls and few cans of spray paint for the decorations (which I bought on clearance, for $1.50 a can, at Walmart).

Here’s a breakdown of my total costs –

Dry Wall Compound (2 Gallons) – $10.74
1 gallon Glidden High Gloss Paint (Color: Silver Screen) – $28.97 (Home Depot)
1 can Krylon Natural Stone – Granite Finish Spray Paint – $1.50 (Clearance at Walmart)
Towel Hooks (Pack of 6) – $6.96 (Walmart)
S Hooks (Pack of 6) – $3.96 (Walmart)
Smooth River Rocks (5 packages) – $5.00 (The Dollar Tree)
Total: $57.13

Everything else that I used was either from my craft hoard or the husband’s garage stash. Sometimes, it pays to be a clutter bug!

And this was definitely one of those times!

Here’s a list of everything else I used –

Acrylic paints (Variety)
Scrap Wood
Picture Frames
Mason Jars
Pickle Jars
Recycled Cans

And here are some shots of my beautiful budget bathroom remodel!

The Vanity

100 budget bathroom remodel 2

The bathroom vanity started out as an ugly, blue laminate counter top and a plain, oak cabinet.

I whitewashed the cabinet with some creamy, white paint that I had leftover from a previous project and updated the counter to look like stone.

I still want to replace the sink and faucet. But that’s a project yet to come.

100 budget bathroom remodel 6

I made this adorable soap dispenser from an old, mason jar and a recycled foaming soap pump.
Here’s the directions from The Happy Housie.

100 budget bathroom remodel 7

I hung a couple of my bathroom prints to decorate the walls a little. The frames were a couple of plain, wood frames I had in my craft hoard.

I spray painted them the same way I did the “Granite” Storage Containers below.

Lots and Lots of Storage

How to Turn Pickle Jars into Granite Storage ContainersClick the image above to learn how I turned pickle jars into “granite” storage containers for my toilet cleaning supplies.

100 budget bathroom remodel 5

These mason jar toothbrush holders are one of the smartest things I did in the bathroom remodel!

It keeps the toothbrushes (and their splattered mess) off the sink and looks much better organized.

I “borrowed” a piece of wood from the husband’s garage and painted it with the creamy white. Then, I added a few screws to hang the jars and screwed the board to the wall above the sink.

I saw the idea on Pinterest from The DIY Playbook, but I decided against using the metal brackets. Mostly, because I forgot to buy them on my trip to Home Depot.

So, I improvised and wrapped some twine around them instead. They’ll be easier to take down for washing, anyway.

100 budget bathroom remodel 8

I bought these cute little magnetic baskets at The Dollar Tree several years ago to hang on the refrigerator.

For some reason, they never ended up there and have sat in my craft hoard ever since.

So, I painted them to match the walls and hung them on the side of the medicine cabinet to store daily use items.

100 budget bathroom remodel 9

Another idea I snatched from Pinterest.

This frame was also a find from my craft supplies.

Again, it was wood and I painted it to match the walls, then just glued it behind the towel holder with Liquid Nails that I borrowed from the husband’s garage.

100 budget bathroom remodel 10

I put my Scrub -a- dub dub print in another spray painted frame and hung it over the cabinet.

Even More Storage

I also created more storage containers out of some recycled tomato cans. I just removed the labels and lid, cleaned them out and wrapped some twine around the top.

The smaller two cans store my regular use makeup and supplies and the large can holds eucalyptus.

100 budget bathroom remodel 12

I bought this cabinet at Target a few years ago.

It was plain, white and worked great when the bathroom walls were blue. But, with the lighter, silver color I chose this time, it just didn’t work.

So, I used acrylic paints and spray enamel to make it match the counter top.

The Wood Wall

My wood texture wall above the shower is by far my greatest achievement in the bathroom!

This is what it looked like before –

100 budget bathroom remodel 14

Here’s a shot of what the wood looked like before I painted it.

This is what it looks like now –

100 budget bathroom remodel 13

So much better!

100 budget bathroom remodel 11

Hanging an extra shower bar at the back of the shower, is another idea I found on Pinterest.

The idea was to hang baskets from it to store shampoos and such, but I just put some S hooks on the rod and hung our scrubbies.

100 budget bathroom remodel 3

And, last but not least…the towel rack.

I “borrowed” another piece of wood from the husband’s garage and screwed it to the wall. Then, I just added a few towel hooks and now, we have the perfect rack to hang towels.

That’s the end of my new budget bathroom remodel tour!

What do you think? Doesn’t it look great?!

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