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Candy Santa Sleighs & Personalized Stockings!

‘Tis the week of Christmas! Can you even believe it? I know that I cannot. It came so quickly! I know one thing though….my girls are thrilled for holiday festivities! We have been going nonstop since the beginning of December with holiday crafts, happenings and cooking. This week we made personalized stockings (a tradition) and I put together some sweet little candy Santa sleighs for my girls to bring to their classmates.

Both of these things are either new traditions that we have made for our little family of 5 or a nostalgic remembrance of time past.

Candy Santa Sleigh Treats

Growing up my mama made her living by cleaning houses on and off for many years! I got to spend my childhood growing up knowing some of her wonderful clients and being welcomed in as an extra family member for some. One of my favorite childhood memories during her cleaning years was an elderly woman named, Bernice. She was fiery but also sweet and she lived alone in a tiny cottage. My mother always brought me along and I spent many hours inside the walls of Bernice’s home.

Bernice would make me tea and cookies to share at the vintage two seat kitchen table, let me explore her shelves of tiny treasures or sometimes even include me in her annual candy Santa Sleigh treat making day! I sat for several years putting these together with sweet Bernice. She would get all of the supplies ready out on her tv dinner trays and we would craft away for my upcoming classroom holiday party and for the littles in her family. 

I have since carried on the tradition for my little ones!

candy santa sleighs

Candy Sleigh Supplies

  • Regular sized candy canes
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Snack size Kit Kat bars
  • Tiny candies to act as presents or Santa’s toy bag
    • Miniature Hershey bars
    • Hershey kisses
    • Lindt chocolates

candy sleigh treats multiple


To make these magical sleigh treats you will use a bit of tape! I start by taping the Kit Kat bars between two candy canes, then add on your chocolate presents. Next for extra decoration and to secure everything together go ahead and wrap, tape and tie a bit of ribbon. Curl the ends for the present feel!

If not for a classroom party these are also a cute idea for your family Christmas gathering or even as a stocking stuffer! I always make up an extra batch to have on hand to give as a small, thoughtful treat to some of the folks you wouldn’t necessarily go out to buy a present for but still want to show your appreciation this time of the year.

Some of those people could include:

  • Postal workers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Bus drivers
  • School staff
  • Those who work at your favorite coffee shop, local grocery store, etc.
  • Town workers who work tirelessly this season to keep roads maintained
  • Other community members that host holiday events

Personalized Stockings

My husband and I started the tradition of personalized stockings each year back when it was just the two of us. We are both suckers for holiday cheer. Once the Christmas music starts playing and decorations pop up in stores we are merry all around. So all those years ago we use to grab a felt stocking and some glitter and make each other a stocking to be hung.

Once we expanded our family the meaning became deeper. Each year we put our names in a hat and chose who’s stocking we will create for that year. We have kept all the years stored away and it is such a fun tote to open up and explore and reminisce over every year. 

personalized stockings

We keep it incredibly simple with the felt stockings or a easy cheap alternative, glitter glue and some loose glitter to bring that added magic. 

Make a night of it, with Christmas tunes in the background. Dream up and create a personalized stocking for your loved one too! 

You can even make this a gift if you took some time to buy paint pens and truly create a lasting personalized stocking.

Other Christmas Crafts

Here are some other really adorable Christmas crafts that you could try in your home to bring the festive cheer in on the last few days leading up to Christmas or even on Christmas Day!

Paint Chip Christmas Garland by A Girl and a Glue Gun

A really sweet and extra creative way to put together DIY garland.

personalized stockings garland

Image credit: A Girl and a Glue Gun

Snow Globe Ornaments by Tater Tots and Jello

Littles just love snow globes! These snow globe ornaments would be a perfect tradition to add to the tree every year and gift to the grandparents!

personalized stocking globe

Image credit: Tater Tots and Jello

Dried Citrus Ornaments by Back Road Bloom

Not only will this craft be fun to put together but it will also leave your home smelling exquisite!

personalized stocking citrus

Image credit: Back Road Bloom

I hope that everyone’s holiday season is filled with togetherness and warmth. Embrace the ones whom mean the most and take some time for the simple and meaningful moments. They are truly what this season is all about

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Love, light and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!