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Canning Mason Jar Ready Meals

In the world of homesteading, preservation is key! There are so many different ways to preserve your food but one that does really well for my family and families alike is canning mason jar ready meals! 

The preparation and process are a little more time consuming but once you have a variety of meals stocked away it can really change how your family is consuming. It cuts out the need for quick meals, processed ingredients or goods, and gives you fresh and homecooked in a grab and go manner. 

I thought what better way to help you get comfortable with this process than to provide you with a list of some of my all-time favorite mason jar ready meals that are canned for preservation! 

Canning Mason Jar Ready Meals


Image credit: Creative Canning


Chicken Pot Pie Filling by Creative Canning

The best way to pull all the fixin’s for a hearty and belly filling meal. You can eat this mixture as is, dump into a quick pie crust or service over some freshly baked biscuits! It cuts down all of the prep time and you get one of those homecooked meals you grew up on!



Image credit: Simple Family Preparedness


Vegetable Beef Soup by Simple Family Preparedness 

This is a bowl of warmth and nutrition! A great way to shake off the chill from long Spring days outside, getting in Spring cleaning, while the air is still a little crisp. Without much effort or cook time, you can dump into a bowl and nourish your body very easily.



Imagine credit: The Canning Diva


Chicken Fajitas by The Canning Diva

 To add a good Tex- Mex flare to your rotation of ready meals, here is this perfectly packed jar of Mexican goodness! All you have to do is warm some tortillas and bring in some fresh salsa and sour cream or just top some rice with this incredible blend!



Image credit: Scratch Made & Home Preserved 


Mississippi Pork Roast by Scratch Made & Home Preserved  

You know that meal that takes a full day to get to your plate? Between prep and slow cooking it can be very time consuming. However, I think that we can all agree that it is always worth it. With this ready meal you can have a stash of hard work, ready for warming and straight to your bowl without all that time in the kitchen attached!

Here are some other delicious canned items that might pair lovely with dinner as an easy grab and go side dish, or as an add in ingredient!

I hope this week’s dinners are easy AND delicious!

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