Our Christmas Home Tour 2016

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Come on in and take a look at all of our festive decorations on our Christmas home tour 2016.

Christmas Home Tour 2016

Christmas Home Tour 2016

You could say I’m a little Christmas obsessed. I love everything that Christmas stands for – the reason for the season, family, friends, food and of course, the decorating. In fact, I tend to go a little overboard when it comes to decorating for the holiday. I have a lot of Christmas decorations…most especially snowmen! I love snowmen and I have over 200 of them throughout the house. This year, we’re in a new house and since I never got around to sharing photos of the inside of the house, I thought it would be fun to offer you a Christmas home tour.

Christmas is everywhere!

I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving and I don’t take it down until the 8th of January…every year. There’s 43 days of Christmas in my house!

Why the 8th of January?

Easy! It was my maternal Grandmother’s birthday and she loved Christmas. Like me, it was her favorite time of year. Unfortunately, it’s also the day that my father in law passed away and so, it’s become a sort of tribute to both of them to keep the decorations up until the day has passed.

Let’s get started on our Christmas Home Tour!

Christmas Home Tour - Outside 1
Outside during the day


Christmas Home Tour - Outside 2
Outside at night


Christmas Home Tour 2016 - Sign
The Front Porch


Christmas Home Tour 2016
Front Door – The girls and I made these wreaths this year!


Christmas Home Tour 2016- Bench
The Sitting Bench when you walk into the house


Christmas Home Tour 2016 - Fireplace
The mantel in the parlor room


Christmas Home Tour - Snowflakes
Snowflakes in the air


Christmas Home Tour 2016 - Fridge
The refrigerator


Christmas Home Tour 2016 - Shelf 2
Shelf in the parlor room


Christmas Home Tour 2016 - Shelf 1
Another shelf in the parlor room


Christmas Home Tour - Parlor Table
Parlor Room Table


Christmas Home Tour 2016 - Hallway Doors
The hallway doors are all wrapped up like presents


Christmas Home Tour - Penguins
Penguins on a shelf


Christmas Home Tour 2016 - Village
Our Christmas village


Christmas Home Tour - 12 Days of Christmas
The 12 Days of Christmas


Christmas Home Tour - Kitchen Rug
The Kitchen Rug (that totally needs to be vacuumed…life with dogs! Just keepin’ it real here folks!)


Christmas Home Tour - Dishwasher
Snowmen on the dishwasher


Christmas Home Tour - Cookie Jars
Cookie jars waiting to be filled with Christmas cookies


Christmas Home Tour - Mantel Shelf
Some snowmen hanging out on the mantel shelf


Christmas Home Tour 2016 - Wise Women
Three Wise Women towel – the perfect sentiment!


Christmas Home Tour - Stairs 2
Top of the stairs


Christmas Home Tour - Stairs 1
Bottom of the stairs


Christmas Home Tour - Welcome
Welcome Snowman wreath


Christmas Home Tour - Light Tree
My daughter’s light up Christmas tree


Christmas Home Tour - Stocking
A giant stocking…waiting for Santa to fill


Christmas Home Tour - Bedroom Tree
A mini tree in my daughter’s bedroom


Christmas Home Tour - Snowman Quilt
Snowman Quilt


Christmas Home Tour - Mantel
The stockings are hung – waiting to be filled by Santa


Christmas Home Tour 2016 - Tree
And last but not least…the Christmas tree

Yea, you could say I’m a little obsessed with Christmas…I hope you’ve enjoyed taking this little tour of my Christmas house!

Have a Great Day!


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