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Cold Weather STEM Crafts – Part 2

I told you to stay tuned for cold weather STEM crafts – part 2! Today I will be showing you the easy and fun ways to do a STEM winter craft indoors with your little ones. Yes, more learning through fun! It is what it is all about!


Study the science behind snow with this messy but intriguing STEM craft. You can also incorporate a lesson on polymers and symmetry of snowflakes! Get really creative in your discussions and bring in some interesting learning!

Prediction and observations sheets are always a wonderful way to get those little brains thinking hard. 


Cold Weather STEM Crafts – Part 2  


Winter Stem Craft – Indoor Snowmen

You only need a couple of materials for this craft. Beware, it can get a little messy so prepare your area accordingly. It is so much fun…even for the tiny tots. It also gives you some good outdoor winter fun brought inside on the days that are just too cold and wet to go out and enjoy. 


For materials you will need….

  • Baking soda
  • Conditioner
  • Beads 
  • Toothpick
  • Pipe cleaner


stem craft supplies


To make your indoor snowman you will first need to put 3 parts baking soda to 1 part conditioner. Depending on how many children involved and how large you would like your snowmen you will have to eyeball the measurements. 


Next, let the kids use their hands to mix it all together until the snow starts to firm up. You can use a spoon if you have a kiddo that doesn’t like messes.


You can then have them roll together their snowman parts! Ask questions like..

  • How many snowballs do you need to make a snowman?
  • Do you build it biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest?
  • What temperature does it have to be to snow outside?
  • Are snowflakes all alike or different?


Then let them be creative with decorating their snowmen! They can add ribbons scarves, marker to make a face, buttons, toothpick or wood arms, or anything else their little imaginations can think up!


cold weather


stem craft finish



These will hold up for a little while so you can transfer them to the windowsill and allow them to be admired for several days!


If you are looking to expand your curriculum with more baking soda experiments check these out!

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