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Cold Weather STEM Crafts

The last couple of weeks in homeschool I have been doing some lessons on the seasons changing! Today we focused on some fun and interactive cold weather STEM crafts. 

We focused on Autumn and Winter and learned through educational videos, going out and studying the weather changing throughout the day and did some STEM learning!

It was the perfect day to show how we are in the in between of seasons as colder weather rolled in producing a short hail storm. We collected the pellets off of our deck and observed them right before our cold weather STEM crafts. 


Cold Weather STEM Crafts 


Autumn STEM Craft – Coffee Filter Leaves

This is a really easy but neat craft to do! The kids will be amazed at the magic of water spreading across the coffee filter. 

We are learning about absorption and diffusion with this STEM lesson. The absorption of the water into the paper filter without any tearing. Also, the diffusion of colors across the filter as it spreads. 

Here is what you will need…

  • Coffee filters
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Bowl of water


Step One: 

Prepare cut outs of leaf shapes, or trace a leaf on a full size sheet of paper (no cutting necessary – we did for scissor skill practice). 

Place filter over leaf and trace leaf pattern onto filter. 



Step Two: 

Use a marker to draw a sizeable circle in the middle of the leaf! And then fold the leaf 2-3 times. 



Step Three:

Gently dip the colored end into the water and allow the water to spread through the filter pulling the colors with it. 



Step Four:

Allow to dry completely. Unfold and see your new leaf creations! Add details in if you’d like as well!



I hope that you enjoyed this Autumn craft for the kiddos! Join me soon for our Winter STEM craft. 

Reminder…..colder weather does not mean that learning through nature is prohibited. You can bring nature inside or at least the concept of it! Study and observe weather changes and seasonal changes! Mother nature provides us with the most interesting of curriculums!


Other Ways To Do Coffee Filter Art

This craft is so quick to do I bet the kids will want to continue on creating! So here are some other wonderful ways to use up some filters with colorful creations!



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