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Tuesday 19th of May 2020

I'm new at making bread and I noticed one of your ingredients for "Basic Italian Bread" is "yeast": Does it matter what kind of yeast? I have active dry yeast, instant yeast, and beer yeast. Which is best? Thanks for your help!

Lisa LaBonte

Friday 26th of June 2020

I've been making my own bread for 33 Years now. I know the exact time because I have a child who was born with an autoimmune disorder and allergic to nearly everything on the planet so I had to start making my own bread when he became old enough to eat bread - about the age of 1. He's 34 now. I've made Thousands of loaves of bread oh gosh all the bread I've made LOL and on a couple of occasions I tried using beer instead of yeast and it was always a big failure. It just changes the consistency and doesn't give the rise that you need. Beer starts out high in yeast but the process of the brewing and aging it, changes the yeast so what you pour out of the bottle is nothing like using yeast from a brick, pack or jar. It barely causes the bread to rise And depending on which beer you use it can leave a really bitter taste .Beyond that depending on what type of hops/barley/ And any other gr. that may have been used to brew the beer, there may still be some ingredients in there that can cause an allergic reaction to someone that has allergies to grains.


Wednesday 20th of May 2020

Active dry yeast works best, but you can also use instant yeast. In a pinch, reduce the water and use beer instead!

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