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Fun Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving Dinner

There are elegant and cozy ways to decorate but have you ever thought of putting together Fun Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving Dinner? Switch things up and surprise your dinner guests with quirky, fun and interactive ways to gather around the table.

Over the years I have put the house together in so many different ways to incorporate all of the thankful and grateful feelings. I have decked the house out in orange and brown with touches of pumpkins and gourds. I have bought all the sweetest little turkeys and props for decoration. However, some of the most memorable dinners were when I choose FUN instead….for both kids and adults!

These are some of the ways I’ve made Thanksgiving dinner more relaxed, carefree and fun for us all…

fun thanksgiving decorate

Fun Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving Dinner 

Ditch the fancy tablecloth

There are the cutest color me tablecloths that you can purchase. The graphics are adorable and it can keep your guests busy while dinner finishes up…especially those kiddos who keep chasing each other through the kitchen.  The disposable ones make cleanup a breeze too! However – it can be washed and re-used should you like.


fun thanksgiving dinner

Quirky Cocktail/Mocktail Station

Having one quirky themed cocktail is a way to impress your guests and wake up their taste buds with big Autumn flavors. You can also take this opportunity to jazz up the cup to make it a memorable sip! Make up a themed station with festive cups or glasses and a pitcher ready to go! 

Like this festive cranberry margarita by Isabel Eats

fun thanksgiving dinner

Image credit: IsabelEats

DIY Outside of the Box Place Cards

You can bring a ton of fun to the table with DIY customized place cards. These Pilgrim face napkins by Confessions of a Seriel DIYer are the perfect way to mark the spot for each guest and give them a good chuckle too! 

fun thanksgiving dinner napkin

Image credit: Confessions of a serial DIYer

Creative and Interactive Center Piece

Instead of spending money or time creating some elaborate centerpiece to draw attention from the guests have an interactive and meaningful one instead! This Gratitude Pumpkin is the perfect piece to have in your table’s center and it can be kept as a keepsake – if so make sure to choose a faux instead of real. A lighter colored pumpkin works best so that you can see the writing better. 

This family gratitude pumpkin by Passion For Savings is such a special center to your family feast. With it, everyone gets to write one thing they are grateful for. You can date it and bring out every years on a shelf as decoration to reflect on years passed. 

fun thanksgiving dinner grateful

Image credit: Passion For Savings

Fun Packed Kids Table

Do you have so many guests you pull up a kids table next to main table? Or is it just kind of a tradition in your house? I remember the day I graduated to the adult table, I was so excited….and honestly it was BORING! The kids table is the place to be. Conversations, jokes, activities and catching up with cousins is the best as a kid! So we take our kids table to another level and pack it full with activities for them to keep them busy between courses.  

This list of must have’s for the kids corner will have you covered…

Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher by Bren Did

fun thanksgiving catcher

Image credit: Bren Did

Thanksgiving Mad Libs For Kids by Sisters Suitcase

fun thanksgiving mad libs

Image credit: Sisters Suitcase

Roll A Turkey Game by Unoriginal Mom

fun thanksgiving game

Image credit: Unoriginal Mom

Beaded Pipe Cleaner Indian Corn by One Little Project

fun thanksgiving dinner beads

Image credit: One Little Project

Thanksgiving BINGO by Giggles Galore

fun thanksgiving bingo

Image credit: Giggles Galore

In the end Thanksgiving is just a fun holiday as there isn’t much pressure around gift giving or extra spending. It is one of my favorite holidays because it is just a time to gather and reflect on all of the blessings surrounding your life. 

No matter what your table looks like as long as you have family around you it is sure the be a memorable time. 

There is so much to be grateful for!

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Love, light and a little grace…