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Visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom on a Budget

The most magical place on earth is arguably also one of the most pricey places on earth! Planning a trip to the Disney parks with a family – especially a large one- can really be hard to do unless you know about some of the tricks to bring the cost down. So follow along and I’ll help you visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom on a budget!

We recently took our three kiddos to Disney’s Magic Kingdom and we were determined to not have to completely break the bank to give them a well rounded and magic filled experience. I spent days researching ways to help lessen the credit card swipes and planned our adventure so that we would be as prepared as we could be which helped in careless spending!

magic kingdom castle

Get on their website

Yes- as easy as that. There are loads of information that I didn’t realize like you can pack a bag with your own food! The only limitations are that it can not be alcoholic, in a glass bottle, require refrigeration or reheating or have a strong odor! (Please make sure to check for updates)

I know for us- food is always one of the most costly things. We like to snack and our growing kids have healthy appetites! We packed a bag with filling snacks and water add ins, like lemonade, to give them a variety of beverages throughout the day. 

Buy ponchos elsewhere

In sunny Florida quick tropical rain showers are inevitable. They happen almost daily and although they pass almost as quickly as they appear they can really leave you soaked. Then the sun comes back and you warm up. Comfort is key at a park for the day. Ponchos are available at most of the stores throughout the park for a hefty price. We purchased ponchos for less than $15 for a family of 5. Had we gone with souvenir poncho route you could easily add another 0 to that $15. 

Use mobile food ordering

Disney parks are very technological based now. You really need to have their app to function efficiently in the park.  One of the best parts of the app was that you could see the closest surrounding food, their wait times and menus and mobile order your items. I felt like this was both a time and money saver. I could compare prices vs. what we were looking for and order away!

Choose standard parking

When you arrive and go to pay for your parking they will offer the options of preferred or standard. Preferred in most cases is almost double the cost of standard. With preferred you are within the first 10 rows however they offer shuttles right to the ferry entrance. In my opinion the convenience is in both. Save the extra fee and take the shuttle in!

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Purchase Disney gift cards

Souvenirs are at every turn, corner and stop. Aside from food this was the most pricey thing we experienced during our visit. To lessen the hit and to give the kids a sense of “limit” you can purchase Disney gift cards in the time leading up to the trip.

Kids can earn a denomination by doing chores or completing tasks and load onto the gift cards. Cards can be given as gifts for holidays or birthdays too and when the time of the trip comes those gift cards can be used at any capacity throughout the park. Gives them something to work towards and voila! less fighting and begging for YOUR wallet to come out over and over again.

Bring your own stroller

You can rent both single and double strollers in the park for a range in price of $25-$30 a day. Firstly- they are not very comfortable. They are usually the hard plastic type stroller without much storage space for bags. Most airlines allow you to check a stroller for free. Bring the stroller your little one is comfortable with. A long and hot day at Disney goes much smoother with any added comforts. 

Pro Tip: Consider skipping the fireworks show

I know….why would you do that?! It is pretty spectacular but also crowded. Sometimes only standing room is what you end up with and by that time the kids are really spent. We skipped the fireworks and went straight for the section of the park we hadn’t gotten to that had rides with LONG wait times. We even had the Genie+ passes or “fast passes” and still had long wait times ahead of us.

The fireworks show is so popular that wait times went from upwards to 120 minutes down to 5 minutes for some rides because everyone was at the fireworks. We got to ride a few several times in a row even.

Guess what? We still got to see the fireworks because they go up right over the park! Save your money on the Genie+ passes and use this tip!

magic kingdom balloons

No matter what Disney is an expensive trip but it is worth it seeing the magic in the eyes of the children! 

No need to get intimidated thinking it is out of reach – you can visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom on a budget.

Set an amount, follow some money saving tips and tricks and allow yourself room to breathe and enjoy the fun too!

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