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DIY All Natural Dry Shampoo

If you are looking to break the chains of store bought beauty products with the mission to lessen the exposure to everyday chemicals to your body like me then this DIY all natural dry shampoo might be a perfect starting point. It is a breeze to put together, cheaper and much more safe overall. 

The list of chemicals that are in the beauty products on our daily shopper shelves is astonishing. You might have read recently that some of the most popular dry shampoo brands have been being recalled or investigated for high levels of different chemicals. The most common in the recall was high levels of Benzene. 

Benzene is linked to cancer and when persons are exposed to it regularly it is overall bad for their health. Benzene is in the gas we pump and a lot of the plastics we use on a daily basis so limiting more choice exposures like in dry shampoo, is smart. 

diy dry shampoo

DIY All Natural Dry Shampoo

In my mission to go more natural in my self care, consumption and daily routine I thought dry shampoo might be an easy start.

Some of the other products that you use like deodorant, wet shampoo or moisturizers can sometimes be a harder switch. Your body might go through a detox phase while pushing out all of the chemicals it is use to soaking in at every use with store brought products. 

Dry shampoo is not something that is typically used daily, therefor switching to a natural recipe might be a more easygoing switch for you.

Be aware that the recipe will change a bit depending on the color of your hair. Darker hair needs a touch more to keep the blend darker so that it doesn’t stick out like sore thumb. Whereas lighter hair colors are more straight forward. Don’t be discouraged however because all ingredients for any hair color are natural!

The Steps

  1. Choose your powder base. Here are some of the all natural options:
    • Arrowroot powder: A great oil absorber and nutritious for skin and hair health. Great for both scalp and hair strands.
    • Cornstarch: A natural volumizer and absorbs oils leaving a fresher look. 
    • Baking soda: A bit more harsh of a base, recommended for the occasional dry shampoo user. Budget friendly oil absorber. 
  2. Choose your coloring powder. This will help in matching the shade of your hair.
    • Dark hair: Cocoa powder (unsweetened) or activated charcoal powder
    • Light hair: Cinnamon or bentonite clay
      • You can opt out of a coloring powder for super light hair. Just pick a powder base and essential oil, optional. 
  3. Choose an essential oil. (Optional)
    • Almond oil: Soothes scalp.
    • Coconut oil: Softens hair and adds a level of shine.
    • Lavender oil: Controls dandruff and aids in a deep condition of hair.
    • Rosemary oil: Promotes hair growth through root stimulation.
    • Tea Tree oil: Improves scalp health and improves thickness of hair.
  4. Mix! This part may take some working with to get just right. Here are some things to keep in mind…
      • Start with a couple of teaspoons worth of base powder. 
      • Then add in a coloring powder based upon your shade. Try to match your shade….start slow and add in until you find the match!
      • A few drops of essential oil goes a long way. This part will be preference. Some like a stronger smell while others can’t tolerate too much fragrance!
      • Keep in mind how much you want to have on hand at any given time. If stored in an airtight container- it could last up to 6 months!

Other All Natural DIY Self Care Recipes

Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant by Boots & Hooves Homestead

A wonderful option for a chemical free and natural ingredient deodorant alternative. This recipe is straight forward and has even some of the same ingredients as our DIY dry shampoo above!

diy dry shampoo other self care

Image credit: Boots & Hooves Homestead

Essential Oil Lotion Bars by Our Oily House

These little lotion bars are not only much safer in terms of added ingredients but also are just too sweet! They would make the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays! 

diy dry shampoo lotion bars

Image credit: Our Oily House

Homemade Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste by Coconut Mama

Charcoal is IN right now. There are so many products in the stores that include charcoal. Why? Because it works! However, there are still so many “others” in the products from the shelves. With this recipe, made right in your own kitchen, you know you are whitening your teeth much more safely!

diy dry shampoo charcoal toothpaste

Image credit: Coconut Mama

Are you like me and wondering what some of the other chemicals in typically daily use products are? As the years pass by, and since becoming a mama myself…I’ve become much more conscious about what I am putting IN and ON my body, and my family’s too!

Here are a list of ingredients to look out for….

  1. Parabens is an additive that helps keep products fresh in different climates. Avoid parabens as studies support that they can disrupt hormones in the body. 
  2. Coal tar is used to make your products more vibrant in color….think makeup. This ingredient is only allowed in small bits as it is so heavy and can weigh down the skin and cause breakouts and irritations. 
  3. Synthetic fragrances are one word…chemicals. Anything with an added fragrance that is not a natural essential oil is an additive in which comes with potential health risks. This goes beyond self care products and into household products as well such as cleaners and candles.
  4. Benzene is present in many store brand dry shampoo’s and other products and is directly linked to health issues such as cancer. In our average day we are exposed to benzene through something as simple as pumping gas into our vehicles. Limiting the amount of exposure is key!

Not only will being more aware of harmful chemicals have an impact on your overall health but it will also give you the encouragement to come back to the basics with simple ingredients within your home. 

Making all natural choices for your family is the most rewarding experience of them all. It also leaves you feeling less guilt when you know…. let the kids have a treat, or two!

Here is to a happier, healthier homestead for us all!

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