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DIY Floating Tree Ghosts and Other Spooky Crafts

With Halloween quickly approaching I thought I would walk you through the DIY Floating Tree Ghosts that I make with my girls each year and also share some of my other favorite spooky crafts. 

Being a crafty family makes the Halloween and Christmas season that much more fun because we can make a lot of our own decorations and pull together weeks worth of fun family evenings by getting creative.

Growing up I use to make these DIY floating tree ghosts every year with my mom and carrying on the tradition with my girls who all love the spooky season makes it so much more special.

This craft is really easy to do, doesn’t require a ton of materials and you can save them and continue adding each year if you’d like. We usually will save one from each kiddo a year and date it to go back out with the BOO clan!

So lets grab the materials and get our haunt on…

DIY Floating Tree Ghosts

diy halloween ghosts

All that you need is 4 simple materials.

I got my foam balls at Joanne Fabrics but you can get them offline or at most local craft stores. The ones I have here are 2.8″ foam balls. I think they are the perfect size to make the most adorable little floating ghosts. They do make these balls in all different sizes and even having a variety would be pretty neat!

As for the fabric, you can buy white fabric but I have used different things in the past. An old sheet, pillowcases or even some of my husbands old white tees.

Having a fresh black sharpie on hand is also key. You don’t need to use a ton of it but you want it to be vibrant to make a statement. 

You will also want to have fishing line or something similar for both the finishing touch of your ghost but also to hang it from the branches outside, giving that “floating” illusion. I have also used twine in the past when I didn’t have any fishing line on hand. It still works but the fishing line is the go to!

When I cut the fabric I always make to sure have enough to cover the foam ball and have enough extra to hang down allowing the ghost shape to form. 

Doing a test fold over the foam ball and holding it taut around the bottom of the ball gives me the best idea of how much extra I might need. I make my cut and then use that first piece as a guide for the rest. Once I am all ready with fabrics we start building our spooky pals. 

So easy…..fabric around the ball, secure at bottom of the ball with fishing line, allow extra to flow down into ghost shape, draw ghost face, hang!

diy halloween ghost

FUN and easy are my families favorite kind of crafts. 

Other Spooky Crafts To Give A Try

I usually do a pretty big stock up on supplies and materials for upcoming creation times around the table with the kids. I do this because our craft stores a ways away and it is time consuming to drive to and fro whenever I need something to go along with the craft we decide on. 

Usually I will have a couple in mind, make a list and purchase all the goodies in one trip and then wait until the right night to pull the items out for a particular craft. 

Weather depending, mood depending or even if I think I want to make a night out of the theme altogether.

Yes….I am that mom that sometimes will pull out the spooky craft items, whip together a themed dinner full of freaky fun and even let the kids stay up a little later for a Halloween classic on the big screen. 

They are only little once right? 

Ok, ok…it might be for me too. My husband and I love this stuff! Being a parent is the coolest thing ever. 

Check out this list of spooky crafts I have added to my list to give a try this year. We are so excited to have some frightening fun and add this DIY decor to our Halloween collection too.

diy halloween

Image credit: One Little Project

Yarn Pumpkins by One Little Project



DIY halloween

Image credit: Handmade Charlotte

DIY Clay Halloween Pins by Handmade Charlotte



Diy Halloween

Image credit: Pink Stripey Socks

Pumpkin and Witch Paper Chains by Pink Stripey Socks



halloween diy

Image credit: DIY Candy

Milk Jug Skeleton by DIY Candy


diy halloween

Image credit: Happiness is Homemade

Spiderweb Window Clings by Happiness is Homemade

Check out this article Halloween Dinner Ideas to Spook Your Guests if you think you might want to take your Halloween crafting night to the next level by making a scary themed dinner! The kids get an absolute kick out of this. It really makes the entire experience so much more! There is a little of everything from Eyeball Meatloaf to a Mummy Calzone. 

Make It A Worth A Memory

This time of year can be hectic with Fall sports and Halloween planning. Then if you throw in household chores like stacking wood or finishing up harvesting and preparing food we get overwhelmed from time to time. 

We always make it a point to add in some time for the fun stuff. The time to unwind, be together and laugh! 

There is no more perfect way to make memories at holiday time then to be together creating.

Give these crafts a try around your table too. Grab that movie that brings you all the nostalgic spooky feels and pull out the apple cider! 

Have a spooktacular time. 🙂 

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