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DIY Homemade Goods Gift Basket

This year I made several DIY homemade goods gift baskets!

Part of being self sufficient and homesteading is cutting down costs of giving. In the year past I would be wasteful in what I would spend for others during gift giving seasons or occasions. That is why when I started this journey I promised myself I would start giving more from the heart. 

This gift was something that showcased the passion of my kitchen. People love handmade and homemade gifts. 

These are ways that you can share the passion of your homemaking without breaking the budget and giving a gift from the passion of your homestead!

DIY Homemade Goods Gift Basket 

DIY homemade


For this homemade and hand crafted basket I wanted it to feel like it came completely out of my kitchen. With that I spent some time hand writing, punching and labeling things. For me, I love the added extra touch. You can print and place gift tags on your items if you would rather it look more professional however. 

I picked up the baskets for these gifts at a local thrift store. The baskets were all a little different! I decided to add a festive tea cloth to give the basket some stuffing. Then I just placed all of my homemade goodies inside.

Let’s break this particular gift basket down because it is SO useful and so easy to create…

DIY Extracts

I took these flip top glass bottles that I ordered from Amazon and they worked wonderfully. I made little gift cards with a card that gave the date in which they are ready to strain and use by. The bottle can also be repurposed for whatever the recipient might want afterwards. Oil bottles, soap dispensers, or more! 

Vanilla Extract

These bottles particularly were 8.5 ounces. For each 4 oz. bottle I would use one full vanilla bean. I doubled that for this! Make sure to slice the bean lengthwise to gently expose the bean. This will allow your extract to get big and flavorful along the way. After 4-6 weeks or until darkened in color, you can use in your kitchen.

Chocolate Extract 

1/2 cup of cacao nibs into a bottle with at least 40% vodka or bourbon. Allow to set for 4 weeks or more. Straining the cacao nibs out but leaving the liquid to use. 


extract basket


DIY Herb Salt

This beautiful herb salt is a lovely gift to anyone that loves a spruce me up in their meal. It can be used in a rub, as a quick garnish and for so much more. With so much flavor but also homemade, whom you are gifting it to will appreciate the versatility. 

Fresh herbs and clean salt brings together a lovely combination to have in your kitchen. 


salt basket


DIY Hot Sauce and Pulp Seasoning (Green Pepper Flakes) 

I loved taking such a wide variety of my peppers and blending them together to make a vibrant and slightly heated hot sauce. It was just outside of the overly spicy category so all could enjoy it. I’ve since used it in marinades and to make sauces!

will guide you through the process of making that heated heaven for all spice levels! 

And in true homesteader fashion, I can’t waste anything! I decided to hold my pulp from processing the hot sauce and dry it.

I learned this year by putting these baskets together not only did they spark more in me to share my homesteading goods with others but also to appreciate how meaningful and priceless gifts from your hands and heart could be. 

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