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DIY Nature Journal For Children

Encourage imagination, creation and exploration with this DIY nature journal for children. Not only will crafting it challenge them to get outside and get creative but the contents will be packed with an explosion of adventure and fun!

Let them pour their personality into the construction of their nature journal and then load the inside with both blank paper for wilderness observations and so much more. Challenge and excite them with add in pages. But first let’s get you started on the glue of the project…the cover.


nature journal flower


With this project you might have most if not all of the materials needed at home already! It is truly a super easy and excitingly fun craft to do with the kids and in the end they get a beautiful new nature journal to use for summer exploration! 

What a perfect kick off the summer craft! It can even act as a wonderful show and tell once school starts up again. 

By then, it will be loaded with incredible nature observations that tell a story all in itself plus some wildly fun activities and illustrations, too!

nature journal collect

Before you begin a thing, put on your boots and grab a container and get outside! 

The object is to collect small items to decorate your journal cover with. Go around the yard, over to the meadow or walk to creek. Each of these different territories will have a different set of nature’s treasures. Certain plants, trees and flowers grow in certain spots. Collect a variety keeping in mind small and flat-ish to glue easily!

DIY Nature Journal For Children


  • Cereal box
  • Yarn
  • Scissors 
  • Hole punch
  • Plain paper
  • Hot glue gun for heavier objects/ Stick glue
  • Decorations of choice: pieces of nature, scrapbooking pages, stickers, markers, magazine cutouts, etc. 


Nature journal materials


  1. Cut your cereal box so that you have the front and back covers, or flat front and back of box.
  2. Line up your plain paper (and extras) in between the hard cereal box covers.
  3. Hole punch through. Recommended 5-7 hole punches or enough for the yarn to be pulled through snug and keep the journal together tightly.
  4. Cover and decorate your cover pages. Use imagination and creativity with this part. Keep in mind if using outdoor nature, these items might wilt or change after being picked/glued. We thought this was an added bonus of learning and observing!
  5. Feed yarn through holes securing the journal together. Make sure to tie off the ends with a knot so to keep ends from slipping back through and even tie in an extra loop at the top for pen holding.
  6. Get out, go and explore!

nature journal prepare

nature journal loop

Fun Add In’s….

The object of the journal is to use for outdoor nature observations. Each day or every time you have a moment to go and explore have your child bring along their nature journal. Bonus if you are able to go near or by the same spot each time to see any differences from day to day.

Have them take a moment to be still and quiet. To truly take in their surroundings. 

What do they see? Hear? Smell? Feel?

How is the weather? What time of day is it? 

The options for simple questions that can be interpreted by your child differently are endless! 

Really give them the reigns with using their senses and imaginations. 

They can document by writing words, making illustrations, collecting objects to glue, etc. !!

Nature journal finished


From start to finish this craft is going to encourage little minds to explore, imagine, create and celebrate! Mother nature is the best child’s playground.

You might realize as the parent that the slow down and breathe in part of this all is good for you too!

No pack up, get out and adventure!!!

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