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Easy Creative Holiday Treats For Your Kids Classroom

Believe it or not we only have just over two weeks before Thanksgiving and then the official Christmas season begins! I know…kind of hard to believe. If your family is anything like mine the entire month of December is filled with festivities from work to school to tradition and family. That is why I already have in my mindset easy & creative holiday treats for your kids classroom….and mine. 

Being a mom of three under 10 making sure that my creative ideas are also easy is absolutely key! I just don’t have a lot of extra time that my hands aren’t full with home chores or something one of three kiddos needs. 

With that being said I still love to come up with or find cute and creative treats for all of the holiday celebrations they are involved in. 

Could I, and have I, spent two days completely head to toe covered in flour baking homemade sweets? Oh yes.

Has there been years I found some 30 part recipe for some fancy sweet that looks like it could be on a new show on Food Network called, “Crazy Mom Concoctions?” Why, yes…guilty as charged. 

Have I sent my little with a bag of goods I delicately put together only to find out they got squished on the bus, melted in the cubby or maybe just forgotten about all together? Absolutely true.


holiday treat cover

Easy & Creative Holiday Treats For Your Kids Classroom

Store Bought- Add The Festive

So….I have a little hack for you. Focus on the container! Yes, it’s that easy. 

You can turn SO many already packaged goods into themed and festive treats with just a little artistic ability and a little glue. 

Most of the time the kids will enjoy these better because it really is all about what looks the coolest to them anyways, isn’t it?

Cheese Stick Snowmen by Thrifty Jinxy

These are about the easiest option to throw together quickly. You can even opt out of the printable hat and color one in yourself with a sharpie. I have used this quick but super cute treat for a couple of different holiday occasions over the years. It is a wonderful choice if you are looking to be more health conscious or maybe the classroom allergies limit which the sweets are safe!

holiday treat cheese stick snowmen

Image credit: Thrifty Jinxy

Whoville Pudding & Jello Cups by The Keeper Of The Cheerios, LLC?

How are adorable are these? I know The Grinch in all of its variations are played multiple times during the Christmas season in our house! It is whimsical and fun! Add those characters onto some premade treats from the store and you have something to send along that will excite the kids in the classroom with familiar faces….and without all that extra work baking! 

holiday treats whoville treat

Image credit: The Keeper Of The Cheerios, LLC


Ugly Sweater GoGo SqueeZ Apple Sauce Pouches by Young At Heart Mommy

Doubles as an easy alternative to a classroom treat and fun craft to do with the kids! How fun and creative can you get with these? Well, very! Pull out all the extra scrap craft materials and throw together the wildest ugly Christmas sweaters you can imagine.

holiday treats ugly sweater

Image credit: Young At Heart Mommy

Mini Donut Holiday Treat Cups by Gluesticks

Cups, donuts and a sharpie…or two! That is all you will need for this treat. Everyone loves donuts and this is something you can buy a couple of big bags worth and toss into a cup, decorate and send! How easy is that? This is a good last minute treat if you maybe forgot the holiday party was a day or two away. (We’ve all been there).

holiday treats cups

Image credit: Gluesticks

Festive Fun – Without Much Work

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Treats by Kid Friendly Things To Do

This one gives you a festive spin on a classic snack! These buttons have been around for all of my life on various occasions. I even remember these going out as treats during the holiday season and my grandfather having a tin stocked by his easy chair. This version has a red button nose and I mean…how genius is that? What a simple addition to make it that much more of a Christmas treat?!

holiday treats rudolph

Image credit: Kid Friendly Things To Do

Rice Krispies Christmas Trees by Adventures Of Mel

Bake a big sheet of sweets and let this one bring it up a notch! Such a simple way to take an easy made treat to a level of creativity and festivity. You can use any type of candy you can imagine for ornaments. 

holiday treats rice krispies

Image credit: Adventures Of Mel

Cracker Jack Reindeer by Smart School House

This treat is incredibly easy to put together. It only requires a few materials and it is extra adorable! You could do a variation of popcorn too so that kids that prefer salty to sweet would have that option!

holiday treats popcorn

Image credit: Smart School House

Oreo Ornaments by Sugar Hero 

While this one might be the most time consuming treat on the list how could you pass it up? I mean…come on! This is no ordinary treat! Plus you can jazz them up however you’d like!!

holiday treats oreo

Image credit: Sugar Hero

Making prep easy for me is really important and if it isn’t a really quick breeze I like to get the kids involved. 

It gives them a sense of purpose and pride when they carry that tray or container into their classroom to share with their peers! 

And remember, being that “crafty DIY mom” doesn’t have to be out of reach. 

Find your comfort level in your creative journey and roll with it! Some of my most successful treats for the kids have been the most easy going ones!

This list of easy & creative holiday treats for your kids classroom is sure to give you a HIT this year. 

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