Fall Cleanup and Remodeling

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Food Life Design by VLHamlin

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any major updating to the blog and I figured it was time for some fall cleanup and remodeling. And I really wanted to brighten up the colors.

While I love earthy tones, I also really like bright, cheerful colors that make people smile. That’s part of why I blog, after all…to make you happy. To make you think and to help you learn new ways of doing things. So, with this remodel, I’ve chosen to change it up and use the colors of candy sprinkles instead of the colors of the earth.

Whaddya’ think of the new header? Isn’t she pretty?

With our upcoming move, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about where I want to take this blog and my design business in the future.

Despite the fact that I started this blog to share more about my design business, I still find myself posting a lot of recipes. I realized that I post a lot about food, because I love it. I love to cook, bake and prepare food that makes people happy.

With that being said, I decided it was time to do a little re-branding around here and switch up my header to feature my slogan “Food – Life – Design” instead of just my business name. Now, when you stop by my little corner of the web, you immediately see what you’re going to get here.

Checkout the New Sidebar Categories:

There’s lots of new stuff coming your way.

My plans for the future of this blog include:

  • More recipes & recipe cards
  • Favorite foods
  • More cookbooklets
  • Design Inspiration
  • Sneak peeks at new products from VLHamlinDesign
  • My favorite design products & tools
  • More money saving tips
  • More home business & work at home job ideas
  • Reviews
  • Giveaways
  • A weekly newsletter
  • Some secret stuff (you’ll see soon!)

I can’t wait to get started on all these new ideas and I promise to get started soon. But, while we are still in the midst of searching for our new home, it’s going to be sporadic around here for now.

While you’re waiting for all the new goodies here on the blog – be sure to check out the new products at VLHamlinDesign.

Have a Spectacular Day!


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