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Family Camping Review #1 – Waterhouses Campground

Well hello friends! Months back I mentioned that we had purchased a new camper and we finally got to put it to the test out in the real world this past weekend. It was a gorgeous weekend and we had such a lovely time together. Camp session #1…in the books!

As promised, I am going to give you my first review on the campground from the eyes of a parent! This will be the start to a mini series that I will be bringing to you throughout the summer and fall. 

Camping is camping is camping….right? Well no. Not at all really. Camping comes in so many different forms and people look for a wide variety of amenities. For us, having three little ones in tow the things we look for are vastly different than some. 

We also aren’t attracted to the big resort style camping that comes with all the “keep busy” things for kids. We prefer a more rustic feel to camping, with private sites and places the kids can use their imagination in nature rather than in the pool and playground.

However, I won’t say we won’t visit the more flashy campgrounds. It is just not on the top of our list or what we seek out. If there are some of these extra’s at the campgrounds we like then it is just a bonus for us!

Family Camping Review #1 – Waterhouses Campground

Location: Salisbury, VT

If you are looking for a quiet campground with wonderful wooded sites then this is the place. We have camped here 4 years in a row now and it fills up quickly so you have to book in advance! 

Depending on what you are looking for you can camp up in the woods or down on the river, both well maintained and flat sites. 

All sites are partially graveled to make your lodging more convenient. They do come equipped with a fire ring and there are plenty of sites with full hookups. 

We have camped in both a pop up and now our smaller travel trailer and it works out marvelously each time. 

There is a family feel here. Not only with how the campground is set up, the kids riding bikes down the roads but also with the staff. Everyone we have ever encountered is friendly and very helpful. You can tell that they just love their jobs and to me that speaks volumes!

The Sites – Waterhouses Campground

In years past we have camped at one particular site that we love! It is very widespread and gives you plenty of room to set up comfortably and ample space for the kids to play. 

This year we scored a prime site! This site books up really quickly but we were proactive in getting it secured early. It is right on the river and has a gradual slope. tiny little beach access. Not that I would swim in this water as it gets murky (it is a run off from the lake that they occasionally release) mostly it stays pretty low and the kids can hangout and throw rocks on the edge. 

It is really easily accessible no matter what you are towing and it is just a stone throw from one of the bathroom houses and just a few steps past that are shower houses! Very convenient if you do not have a bathroom in your camper or are tent camping!

waterhouses site

waterhouses site 2

waterhouses site 3


The Beach – Waterhouses Campground

Just across the road from the campground is a lovely beach area. You have access to this if you are camping at the campground as the properties are under the same ownership. You can also fish off of the long docks and even rent boats, kayaks and paddle boats! To rent the larger boats you will need an appropriate boating license. 

There is a small camp store in which you can find beer, wine, beverages, frozen foods, fishing bait and other camping essentials! 

Paddler’s Pub is a restaurant there that you are able to go in and enjoy food and beverage or you can order it to go to enjoy at the beach picnic tables or bring back to camp with you! 

We have the best time here no matter if the water is too cold. The kids can play in the sand and we get to throw out a couple of lines!

waterhouses beach 1

waterhouses beach 2

waterhouses beach 3


Other Perks

You are very close to Brandon, VT which has a lovely downtown area with many restaurants, breweries, a golf course, art galleries and more! There is also a Hannafords Supermarket and Walgreens Drug store. 

Just down the road is Kampersville Campground that has a great general store with more of a variety of camping gear, souvenirs, more grocery options, a great deli and even fresh produce! 



We highly recommend Waterhouses campground for families with kids! It has a family vibe and is the perfect place to kick back and relax while the kids enjoy a fun weekend of adventure and play!

Only one downfall to this campground is the mosquitos are bad! Make sure you bring good bug protection for around the site and on your body! You’e been warned! 


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