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Favorite Money Saving Sites/Apps

Nowadays there is a site or an app for everything. It can actually be a little much, at times – in my opinion. But there are some really useful ones out there too. These are some of my favorite money saving sites and apps. If you use them regularly they can actually make a difference in your savings account. 

money saving apps

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Some of these sites or apps have dual purpose too.

They can save you money AND make you money. Sounds too good to be true right? I thought so too!

With this list you will find everything from budgeting, couponing and even credit score help.

Favorite Money Saving Sites/Apps


This is a budgeting app that combines help with spending, balances and even offers credit score insight. Having an idea of what your spending is can really help in cutting down, or out, unnecessary purchases. Having things like running balances along with your real time spending can paint a visual of where you could be acting more frugal. 

Fetch Rewards

This app is used to scan receipts to collect points that can in turn make you money. It takes points and creates them into a dollar amount that you can use as a gift card form. They offer gift cards to retail stores, online shopping, restaurants, entertainment, subscriptions, travel or even cash cards. You can also use points to enter sweepstakes to earn BIG points, or cash and other rewards. Another perk? All of the receipts that get entered gets put into a database that then creates a quick glance spending workup. You can see the dollar amount that has been spent by month or year at the stores you most frequent. 


This site has the ability to connect right to your browser. This means, if you download the extension to your browser it will automatically scan for available coupons across the web for whatever online site you are browsing or filling a cart on. This goes for retail stores, online stores, grocery orders and more! 

Capital One – or other credit card apps

All credit card companies offer online banking and/or apps that provide a multitude of services! Some of the most beneficial services are cash back rewards and coupon searching. Capital One Shopping is another handy tool that can be added to your phone as an app or your computer as a browser extension. This will search sites for coupons and automatically apply the best one to the item you are browsing. If your credit card offers cash back rewards this extension will apply them automatically too! 


This site or app is one of the most accurate credit score tracking and free credit report tools that I have used thus far. I have used other sites such as Credit Karma but it doesn’t usually match up as well to my actual credit score if you were to run my credit through a paid service. CreditWise also gives really useful recommendations on how to boost your score like paying off a certain amount over your minimum payment on a credit card. Knowing your credit score and what debt you have is actually a money saving tool. Use it alongside a budget app and you can really maintain a good making vs. spending relationship.


This site is incredible for helping you save money when planning a night out, a weekend away or family fun day. You can put in whatever your interest is and it will search for deals in the general area of your search and category. Looking for a comedy show? You might find a BOGO special. Wanting to stay overnight at the ocean? Check out the deals at the hotels nearby. The options are endless and it can really help in cutting the “extra” costs down some. 


An app that is a car sharing marketplace. Rental car prices from large corporate companies are out of control at the moment. Then add in the chip shortage and a lot of these companies don’t even HAVE the cars available for renting. It can take a vacation’s budget and make it out of reach. Turo is an app that allows people to rent our their personal vehicles. You simply add in your location and manipulate the search criteria to however detailed you’d like and it will show you a list of what is available during the timeframe you are looking for. The prices are hugely reasonable and there is almost any type of vehicle you can think of – even some really fun outside of the box ones!

Grocery Store Apps

A lot of grocery stores offer apps now whether it be for Drive Up & Go services or for couponing. I save a ton of money using my Shaws app. It allows me to search all of the stores current deals in one spot. You can also clip, use and apply coupons at the click of a button. I also tend to spend much less money shopping online for my groceries than going into the store. I will make a “running cart” or add items as we run out or need them so that I don’t forget and end up spending more money on a singular item at another store with higher prices. Not to mention the rewards that come at check out that can actually get you free products on your next grocery run.


money saving app budget

“Budget” by Got Credit is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


I hope that some of these apps might work for you. This list of my favorite money saving sites/apps have really made a difference for me in my overall journey of saving money, budgeting and staying financially smart!

In the end learning to be more frugal can help in so many ways. 

Think about all the extra money you could have to spend on that vacation you’ve been dying to go on. Or maybe that blouse you’ve had your eye on.

Splurging with money saved on the occasion makes the item you’ve purchased so much more rewarding!

Learning to save and be smart with money can truly be a life changing trait.

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