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Fighting Children’s Winter Woes Naturally

Things on the homestead have been less than desirable the last couple of weeks and I have doing my part in fighting children’s winter woes naturally.

There has been more tissues, late night worries and cuddles then ever before. Having three kiddos on a rotation of sickness can be absolutely exhausting. My mama heart has been wary.

This winter has been brutal for illness and especially for the tiny humans who are inevitably more involved in larger groups of germs more regularly. School, play dates, programs and daycare are and have been known to be a basket of germs this time of the year…but this year? Wow! It is like a germ explosion has happened. Sickness is just rampant and intense. 

With the rotation of germs in my home this season I have been giving it my all to keep their immune systems strong and their bodies fueled with remedies as natural as possible. 

The body is meant to fight after all…so masking its symptoms can make the task of healing a lot harder. Giving the body natural medicine will help promote all that it is built and meant to do! Sometimes a natural remedy is simply just for easing the pains or stressors that come along with illness.

Fighting Children’s Winter Woes Naturally

All of these ways are not suitable for children only. I, myself, use all of these remedies when I am ill, too! These are some great tricks to have in your back pocket for when Winter woes creep in and take hold of the spunk in your home.

Funny…what I miss most when my littles are down, the spunk and chaos!

Your little ones will much prefer some of these natural options of combating sickness than the dreaded cough syrup or the Cherry flavored meds you have stocked in the medicine cabinet. 

These are some of the methods I used religiously over the last couple of weeks to help my girls get through this yucky slump of sickness.

Using Steam To Clear Airways

You’ve always heard the trick of steam room baths for congested lungs. It is one of the go-to tricks parents have up their sleeves, especially with the tiny tots. 

You can take these steam rooms to the next level though. Make it a full on wellness spa for your little one. 

First I run the shower at high heat making sure to keep the door closed. Run until your room is good and full of steam and then move onto the bath.

While drawing the bath add in things like chamomile which is naturally high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. If you don’t have dried chamomile on hand you could use a couple tea bags or even chamomile essential oil. While chamomile is known to be soothing, this might be a good option before a long rest or overnight slumber for your little one. 

There are other detox bath recipes on the web that you can check out including things like Epsom salts and Vitamin C add ins. For me, I keep it pretty basic. 

A steam bowl is another wonderful option if you are looking for a quicker, less involved style treatment. 

Simply, warm a pan of water to a boil and remove from heat, transfer to a stainless steel bowl. Add in essential oils of your preference and have your little one sit in front of the bowl with their head draped over bowl at a safe enough distance to inhale the steam. Use a light towel to cover loosely over their head and the bowl combined to steer the steam right to them! DO THIS WITH THEM AS THEIR ARE MANY HOT PARTS INVOLVED.

You would be floored at the amount of mucus they were able to get up after these treatments. It helped us significantly with their dry coughs and got things moving towards healing. 

winter woes essential oils

“essential oil empty black bottles” by 1DayReview is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Some essential oils to consider for a steam bowl treatment are…

  • Peppermint: Acts as a decongestant and loosens mucus and relaxes the muscles on the windpipe
  • Eucalyptus: Natural antioxidant and natural immunity stimulation
  • Tea Tree: Antiviral properties and natural decongestant with promote loosening of mucus and phlegm
  • Frankincense: Great for asthma sufferers or those with Bronchitis. Breaks down mucus in respiratory tract. 

Please be aware and safe when choosing essential oils for your children. Most oils that are child safe will state that they are but always do your own independent research for your family and ages before adding any oils into a treatment. 

Winter Wellness Citrus Tea

This citrus based tea was a life saver for us. I drank it alongside my girls while they were struggling and I stayed in the clear of the germ despite being one on one with the the illness myself, x’s 3!

winter woes tea

You’ll need…

  • 3 whole lemons, sliced
  • 3 whole oranges, sliced
  • 6 mini limes, cut
  • Ginger root, (about a 1/2 cup) use to your preference, peeled and chopped
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 3 parts basil leaf

Combine all into a pot of water and boil until fruit has lost most of it’s color and water is darker in color. Strain into separate container. Add honey to taste and enjoy. 

You can drink this every day through your cold, or if you have germs within your house this will aide in keeping your immune system ready for fight mode!

Natural Remedies To Keep In Mind For Cold & Flu Season

Citrus-y Fire Cider Recipe for Cold & Flu is another option for combating cold & flu season and let me tell you, it packs a punch! I feel results almost instantly when I have drank fire cider and it is such an incredible natural tea to have on hand during these long winter months. 

Homemade Mint & Honey Cough Syrup  is much more palatable then store bought and you know that they are all natural ingredients rather than packed with add ins and dyes. 

And lastly, this Vibrant and Delicious Immune Boosting Smoothie is something to consider making regularly to keep your families immune systems strong and brave….so needed nowadays!

I hope that by sharing some of the ways my home naturally fights colds, viruses and flu that you can too! Keeping our children’s bodies nourished, strong and capable starts right at home. Feeding them well, getting exercise and aiding them through illness without chemicals is key!

Oh…warmer days are right around the corner. So breathe, we’ve almost made it. Pretty soon fresh garden vegetables, river dips, toes touching the earth and Vitamin C directly from the sky will be our go to medicine.  

From my family to yours, stay well. 

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