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My Free Bathroom Vanity Makeover

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I gave my bathroom an update and it didn’t cost me a cent! Read on to learn how I did did my bathroom vanity makeover for free…

Way back in 2002, when we bought our house, it was in pretty good shape. We bought it from an elderly woman and the only thing we really needed to change was the flooring. And of course, we updated with some paint and decor.

Fast forward to 2015…we’ve half-raised 2 children in the house and rented it out to a tenant for 6 months this past year, while my husband’s work took us to Vermont.

Needless to say, the house has taken a beating in the last 13 years and it really needs some loving care. Unfortunately, the budget doesn’t allow for the major overhaul it really needs and so, we’re taking it one room at a time.

This past week, the spring cleaning bug hit me and I decided to start getting some DIY projects done.

Being the smallest room in the house, I started in the main bathroom. It’s been painted a few times over the years and we replaced the bathtub about 10 years ago, but I’ve never done anything with the basic oak and laminate builder-grade sink cabinet.

Believe me when I say, it was ugly. But, not anymore!

Bathroom Vanity Makeover 3

The Bathroom Vanity Makeover – Before

The above picture is what my sink counter looked like before my bathroom vanity makeover. It was just a drab, sort of blue, laminate counter top. Ugly…right?

Below is what it looks like now…

Bathroom Vanity Makeover 4

Bathroom Vanity Makeover – After

So much better!

If you’re an avid crafter, you can do this bathroom vanity makeover completely free, because you probably have the items on hand already.

If you don’t happen to have a craft hoard readily available, you can order the stuff you need from Amazon.

A set of the acrylic paints is less than $20 and a can of the Spray Enamel is just $6.59.

And if you’re a prime member, you get free shipping, so you’re total cost for the project is only $30.00! You just can’t beat that.

Here’s how you can give your bathroom vanity a makeover for free (or really cheap!) too…


Paint palette or paper plate
Acrylic paints
Plastic grocery bags
Spray enamel


Prepare the surface:

  1. Vigorously, rub a piece of sandpaper over the entire counter top to “rough up” the laminate. This will make it easier for your paint to adhere to the shiny surface.
  2. Clean your counter using a vinegar and water solution.
  3. Use painters tape and newspaper to cover the faucet and sink.

It’s Time to Paint:

  1. Choose your base coat of paint(s). I chose to use gray and white for my base.
  2. Squeeze some paint onto a paper plate or paint palette.
  3. Bunch up a plastic bag and lightly dip it into your base paint. Start “sponging” the counter top. Don’t cover the entire counter but make sure to add your base color all around.
  4. Choose a middle coat of paint(s). I used black, dark blue and aqua, along with some light streaks of brown.
  5. Bunch up a new plastic bag and follow step 6. Create a new pattern with your middle coat. Again, don’t cover the entire counter, but make sure to cover any blank spots you didn’t cover with your base layer of paint.
  6. Choose a top coat of paint(s). I used dark blue, aqua and white.
  7. Bunch up a new plastic bag and “sponge” the counter top again. This time, gently pull the bag in longer strokes instead of just blotting it around. It will create streaks of mixed colors from each layer.
  8. Use a paintbrush to smear the paint in different directions or to blot missed areas.
  9. Allow the paint to dry completely. I let mine dry for about 2 hours.
  10. Coat the counter top with spray enamel. Repeat, as desired. I used 3 coats of enamel on my counter top. Allow the enamel to dry for 24 hours before use.
  11. Enjoy your beautiful “new” bathroom vanity!

You can easily create any design you want with this technique! It’s easy, cheap and you can do this bathroom vanity makeover in less than 48 hours.
And by the way, here’s how to get rid of hard water stains in the sink.
I haven’t decided if my new vanity counter looks like blue stone or the ocean on a stormy day, but I really love it. What do you think?

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Bathroom Vanity Makeover

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