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Free November Calendar Printable for 2019

Can you believe it?! It’s time for the free November calendar printable already!

There’s only 2 months left of 2019 and we’re quickly headed into the future!

As a kid, this time in the future seemed so far away. We lived pretty deep in the Catskill Mountains, tucked in a little valley in the middle of nowhere.

Too far out for the town cable to make it up our dirt road and so, instead we had an antennae on the roof for television.

And we only had 1 channel. Yes, 1 channel.

In the 1980s.

Can you imagine?!

Having just 1 channel meant that we could only watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. Because that was the only time (for the WHOLE week!) that the local TV station broadcasted them.

Needless to say, my brother, sister and I were glued to the living room TV as soon as Scooby Doo started at 7 and we didn’t leave until the local news came on at noon.

But, my favorite cartoon to watch was, by far, The Jetsons.


I mean, seriously.


How awesome to imagine having flying cars and robot maids in 2021! 

For a kid, in the middle of nowhere, in the 1980s, it seemed unimaginable. And yet, enticing to realize that I could actually live through that time.

I would be a real “grown-up” when flying cars became a reality and of course, I’d have my very own Rosie, too!

And yet, here we are.

Staring 2020 in the face and we still don’t have flying cars. And sadly, I don’t have a Rosie, either.

There are no skyscrapers in space and it still takes our microwaves longer than seconds to heat up our food.

But, in reality, we’ve come SO.FAR. since then!

Welcome to the Future

Most people have hundreds of channels on their televisions now. And in fact, we’ve had so much of it in the last 40 years, that people are actually choosing NOT to have it now!

And while our cars don’t fly or drive themselves, yet, they have mini computer screens on the dash, they brake automatically and they even shut off at stop signs and restart themselves when you let off the brake!

We use this crazy thing called the World Wide Web to keep in contact with family and friends, to make a living and to pay our bills.

They’re using robot teachers in Finland, we have robotic vacuums and even lawn mowers that cut the grass all by themselves

So, Rosie, here we come!

We carry our phones in our pockets! And we barely ever use them to talk because they’re just another mini computer that we use to document our lives.

Instead we use them to keep track of our to-do lists

Photograph our children…

Find recipes for dinner

Text friends and family…

Pay our bills…

Budget our money

Go shopping

These things that we thought were unimaginable as children have taken over our lives and there is no end in sight!

Free Printable Calendar for November 2019 | Food Life Design

Printables Combine Both Worlds

But, there’s still value in the old fashioned ways.

A lot of value, in fact.

When you physically write something down, you are more likely to remember it then if you type it on your phone.

Sending a handwritten card to a friend or family member makes you feel good. And they do too, when they receive it in the mail!

Placing our children’s photographs into albums and adding cute little anecdotes next to each photo makes us feel as if we’re holding onto those lost moments forever.

There’s something special about writing these things down. Something timeless about documenting our lives with ink and paper.

Maybe it’s because we’ve grown up learning about our history because of written documents.

Without these written documents, that are sometimes thousands of years old, we wouldn’t know much at all about the history of humankind or the world that we live in.

But, I guess that leaves us with the ultimate question…

Will our digital documentations stand the test of time?

I sure hope so, but just in case they don’t…

Here’s to you, my friend…

You who actually gets those pictures of your children printed…

Uses a cookbook or at least printable recipes

Sends handwritten cards to your family and friends…

And you who chooses to use a paper or printable planner or calendar to document your life. 

Despite the fact that it’s almost 2020, it’s nice to take a step back from technology and utilize the old ways.

It helps to keep us grounded here on Earth…rather than lost in space, like the Jetsons.

What Should You Use This Free November Calendar For?

Anything you need to keep track of this month!

Thanksgiving preparations…

The kids school schedule…

Your dinner menu…

The kids sports schedule…

Your work schedule…

Housecleaning duties


Really, anything!

Download This Free November Calendar Printable for 2019

Click the image below to open the download page.

When the page opens, click File>Save Page As to download and save the calendar file.

Or select File>Print to print a copy right away!

Click Here to Download This Free November Calendar Printable!

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Please note: This free printable November calendar is a gift from me to you and cannot be sold, transferred or altered, in any way, without my written consent. Feel free to share the link with family and friends so they can download their own copy.

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