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Free Printable Grocery List

It’s Friday and you know what that means?! It’s freebie time! And this week, I’m sharing a new free printable grocery list.

It’s a sort of sneak peek into my all new planner set that is coming to VLHamlinDesign very soon and I can’t wait to share the whole thing with you!

But, for now…

Set a Resolution for 2020

January signals a time to get organized.

It’s the beginning of a new year and a new you, right?!

So, you probably made some New Year’s resolutions that included better budgeting and organizing…

Some of you probably even planned for better eating habits this year…

But, have you stuck to your resolutions?

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you probably haven’t.

Hey, no judgement here! If you did stick to them, that’s great! If not, seriously…no judgement…I didn’t even make a resolution this year.

But, why do we make these resolutions only to ditch them a few days or weeks later?

Habit? Traditions? Goals? Wishes?

Who knows? It doesn’t really matter anyway!

You can set a new goal any day of the year.

Make a new wish any day you like.

There’s no need to wait until the 1st of January to create a new dream. And there is definitely no reason to wait to start.

Just start.


Any day.

Start small.

Just one small change can make a HUGE difference in your life!

Free Printable Grocery List - Food Life Design

And I highly recommend starting with your groceries.

I know it seems crazy to say that…

I know you’re thinking that using this free printable grocery list to keep track of your groceries won’t make that much of a difference in your life.

But, it will.

Whether your resolution is to better budget your money, keep organized or eat healthy…using a grocery list is the key to keeping that resolution. 

By keeping a running list of groceries on your fridge, you’re setting yourself up for success in SO MANY ways!

For example:

  1. You’ll spend less money because you will know what you’re buying instead of impulse shopping at the store.
  2. Your need to go out to dinner will decrease because you’ll have good food to eat at home.
  3. You’ll eat healthier because you’ll be making your own meals, using good, wholesome ingredients.

That’s just 3 ways, but really think about it…

How can using a free printable grocery list help you?

In the meantime, download this adorable free printable grocery list and start jotting down the groceries you need this week…


Free Printable Grocery List - DOWNLOAD HERE - Food Life Design

Brought to you by VLHamlinDesign


Please note: This free printable is a gift from me to you and cannot be sold, transferred or altered, in any way, without my written consent. Feel Free to share the link with family and friends so they can download their own copy.

CRAFTY IDEA: Make your own magnetic grocery list notepad!

Supplies Needed:

Print 52 sheets of this free printable grocery list.

Stack the sheets neatly on top of a sheet of chipboard.

Clip the stack together with binder clips.

Use a brush to smear notepad compound across the top edge of the notepad. Allow it to dry as recommended by the manufacturer.

Place a strong magnet on the back of your notepad.

Hang your new magnetic grocery list notepad on the fridge and start jotting down what you need to buy this week!

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See More Grocery Lists from VLHamlinDesign!

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Have a Spectacular Day!

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