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Free Printable Inventory List for the Pantry, Refrigerator or Freezer

Free Printable Inventory List - LEAD

Do you ever feel like your food gets lost after you put it away?

It seems as though things get shoved to the back of the pantry or piled on top of one another in the freezer, never to be found again. We often buy a variety of groceries, thinking that we are going to stop going out for fast food and stop ordering take out. But, somehow it never happens. We just keeping buying and keep going out, but we never think to actually keep track of what we have to eat at home.

It’s a never ending cycle and it’s costing you a ton of money!

Remember that frozen bag of chicken nuggets you bought for a quick, easy dinner? Yeah, they’re at the bottom of the freezer and you’ve been to Mickey D’s twice this week. Do you see my point?

The only way to break the cycle is to start keeping track of what you have at home. Start making a meal plan and start paying better attention to what you buy at the grocery store.

Today’s freebie is a printable inventory list that you can use for the pantry, refrigerator or freezer (or “other”). There’s a little check box at the top that you mark to keep track.

All you have to do is print out the list, and jot down each item you have on hand. After you’ve created your basic list, post it near that area. For example, tape your freezer inventory list to the freezer door. As you use up each product, just check off the quantity you have at home and then, mark the box labeled “Need More?” when you run out.

When it’s time to go to the grocery store, all you have to do is make a list based off the products you’ve run out of and you’re done. Plus, there is no more rummaging through the freezing freezer in search of dinner! When you’re making your dinner plans, just look at the inventory list and choose an item to take out.

Not only will this inventory list save you a ton of time, it’ll help save money, too, because you won’t be buying duplicate items or junk you don’t need. Keep track of your list and it will keep track of you!

Free Printable Inventory List for the Pantry, Refrigerator or Freezer

Click the image below to download a copy right now!

Download Your Free Printable Inventory List Here!


Please keep in mind this free printable inventory list is a gift from me to you and cannot be sold, transferred or altered in anyway without my written consent. Please feel free to share the link with family and friends so they can download their own copy.

Have a Spectacular Day!


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