Free Weekly Menu Planner & Grocery List Printable

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~ Free Weekly Menu Planner ~

Since we talked about ways to save money on groceries and why you should keep a running grocery list this week, I thought I’d share a new free printable with you today.

Yesterday, I shared a variety of DIY menu planner ideas and many of them would be just perfect to decorate using this free menu planner and grocery list!

The easiest way to use this planner is download, print and stick it to the fridge with a magnet.

But, if you want to make it a little fancier, make this DIY dry erase board using your printable and a regular picture frame. You could also make your own notepad using the tips in this post.

I designed this menu planner with your kitchen in mind and have provided it in a variety of colors including…

Grass Green
Sky Blue

Just click any of the images below to download your free copy…

Free Weekly Menu Planner - Coal



Free Weekly Menu Planner - Grass Green
Grass Green



Free Weekly Menu Planner - Lavender



Free Weekly Menu Planner - Rose



Free Weekly Menu Planner - Sky Blue
Sky Blue

Please remember this free weekly menu planner and grocery list printable is my gift to you.
It is for YOUR personal use and CANNOT be used for any commercial purposes.

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