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French Dip Biscuits

I have been dreaming about these French dip biscuits since I made them the other night! They have definitely gotten added to the make often list! My entire family went wild over them and they left our bellies feeling full and satisfied on a cold Winter’s night. 

They were packed with big and deep flavor and they didn’t take much time to prepare. Paired with a homemade au jus and it was heavenly!

Lets dive into the recipe so that you can make these amazing little dippers for yourself.

With this recipe you can use leftover roast beef or deli roast beef, thinly sliced. I have used finely chopped beef as well! Whatever you have on hand will work just fine and provide all of the layers of beefy goodness that you need in a dish like this. 

French Dip Biscuits


  • Small onion
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • Roast beef, chunks of roast or diced beef
  • 1 packet onion soup mix
  • 1 can biscuits
  • Sliced cheese (provolone, swiss or pepperjack)
  • Tablespoon garlic


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Chop onion and sauté in pan with butter until golden brown. Remove from pan without draining. 
  3. Add beef in and cook until browned. 
  4. Next, combine the onion soup mix, 4 cups of water and the beef.
  5. Allow it to come to a soft boil for about 5 minutes for the flavors to combine. Make sure to scrap up the beef scraps in the bottom to add depth.
  6. Separate each biscuit into two layers.
  7. Top half of the biscuit layers with half of a provolone, swiss or pepperjack cheese slice and a touch of onion.
  8. Remove beef from au jus, leaving it in the pan.
  9. Add a scoop of beef or 2 slices of the warmed roast beef on one half and pinch to the halves of the biscuit back together.
  10. Gently pinch edges to slightly seal.
  11. Brush biscuits with butter and garlic. 
  12. Bake for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.
  13. Prepare au jus!




Homemade Aus Jus for French Dips

You can whip together a perfectly delicious aus jus without any extra packets or starters.

With what you have in your pan already seasoned and filled with lovely beef flavor go ahead and mix in garlic powder, onion powder, 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, 2 teaspoons of balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper. 

In a separate dish mix 1/4 cup of cold water and 1 teaspoon cornstarch until smooth. Add into your au jus. Lastly, add in 1 tablespoon of butter. Serve immediately with your french dips!



I hope this warms the bellies of your family and keeps everyone asking for more for family dinner night! 

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